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8 Healthy New Years Cocktails to Cheers to 2024

December 22, 2023

Are you ready to celebrate the new year with some delicious cocktails? While cocktails can often contain a sneaky amount of added sugar, fear not! You can still enjoy your favorite drinks with healthier versions that are worth raising a glass to. Remember, when it comes to celebrating with cocktails, you can have the best of both worlds. These healthy new years cocktails are not only delicious but also mindful of your health goals. Cheers to a happy and healthy new year filled with flavorful celebrations!

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1. Hot Toddy

hot toddy in a mug


This comforting and warming cocktail is perfect for cozy winter nights. It’s made with soothing ingredients like herbal tea, lemon juice, and a touch of honey. Try our recipe here and enjoy a healthy twist on this classic drink.

2. Pomegranate Margarita

two pomegranate margaritas on a table


Indulge in a festive and tangy Pomegranate Margarita that’s packed with antioxidants. The combination of pomegranate juice, lime juice, and a splash of tequila creates a refreshing cocktail that’s both colorful and delicious. Try our recipe here and toast to a healthy new year.

3. Healthier Apple Cider Sangria

apple cider sangria with sprigs of rosemary and apple slices in glasses


This fruity and aromatic sangria is a crowd-pleaser. Made with crisp apples, warming spices, and a splash of red wine, it’s a healthier twist on the traditional recipe. Try our recipe here and savor the flavors of the season guilt-free.

4. Healthy Frozen Espresso Martini

healthy frozen espresso martini in a glass with espresso beans


For coffee lovers, this cocktail is a must-try. Blending the richness of espresso with the smoothness of vodka and a touch of sweetness from dates, it’s an energizing treat that won’t leave you feeling wired. Try our recipe here and raise a glass to a healthy start to the new year.

5. Sage and Pear Martini

Sage and pear martini

Indulge in the delicate flavors of sage and pear with this sophisticated martini. The herbal notes of sage complement the sweetness of pear, creating a balanced and refreshing cocktail. Try our recipe here and elevate your celebration with this healthy twist.

6. Pomegranate Party Cocktail

Christmas, autumn or winter sangria with oranges, apples, pomegranate seeds, rosemary and spices - homemade festive drink for Christmas time

This vibrant and festive cocktail is bursting with antioxidants from pomegranate juice. With a hint of citrus and a splash of sparkling water, it’s a guilt-free way to toast to the new year. Try our recipe here and enjoy a healthy and bubbly celebration.

7. Holy Basil Matcha Rum

Holy Basil + Matcha + Rum

Elevate your cocktail game with this unique and flavorful combination of holy basil, matcha, and rum. The earthy and aromatic notes of holy basil and matcha create a refreshing and invigorating drink. Try our recipe here and embark on a journey of healthy indulgence.

8. Fermented Watermelon Basil Cooler

Fermented Watermelon Basil Cooler

Quench your thirst with this cooling and hydrating cocktail. Made with fermented watermelon, fresh basil, and a splash of sparkling water, it’s a delightful and revitalizing drink that will keep you refreshed all night long. Try our recipe here and indulge in a healthy celebration.

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