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5 Low-Sugar Frozen Cocktails That Are Big on Flavor

May 11, 2021
Photo Credit: gnom-gnom

Frozen cocktails scream summertime almost as much as ice cream. One thing both have in common? They’re often loaded with sugar. The good news is low-sugar versions of your favorite frozen cocktails exist. Think daiquiris and margaritas that are big on flavor, without the empty calories. Cheers to that!

P.S. Some of these drinks lean on sugar substitutes, like allulose, stevia, and erythritol, while others rely on fruit or healthier sweeteners like honey. Feel free to experiment with the sweetener of your choice!

1. (Frozen!) Skinny Keto Margarita from gnom-gnom

This four-ingredient margarita leans on plenty of fresh lime juice, tequila, and allulose, a keto-friendly liquid sweetener that is low-carb and won’t spike your blood sugar. It’s tart, refreshing and delicious. And, if you want to skip the booze, try Ritual Tequila Alternative.

low-sugar frozen cocktails

Photo Credit: Keto Diet App

2. Low-Carb Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri from KetoDiet App

Use fresh or frozen strawberries for this low-carb daiquiri that’s sweetened with stevia or erythritol. If you’re using stevia, you only need a teeny-tiny bit; we recommend adding it by the drop to get the right balance of sweet and tart. For erythritol, look for a non-GMO version where the only ingredient is erythritol.

pina colada

Photo Credit: Nourished Simply

3. Skinny Strawberry Pina Colada from Nourished Simply

If you like pina coladas, you’ll love this healthier version, which uses frozen chunks of strawberry and pineapple for sweetness and coconut milk for creaminess and has absolutely no refined sugars.

pina colada smoothie

Photo Credit: Averie Cooks

4. Skinny Pina Colada Smoothie from Averie Cooks

Part pina colada, part smoothie, this frozen beverage leans on banana for a bit of sweetness and creaminess — without tasting overly banana-y.

sangria slushies

Photo Credit: Half-Baked Harvest

5. Frozen Watermelon Rose Sangria Slushies from Half-Baked Harvest

How do you make sangria even better? Turn it into a slushy. Frozen raspberries and watermelon make this cocktail slightly sweet and super chilled. Add a bit of honey if you like and a splash of vodka or tequila for a bit more oomph. Or keep it simple with lime juice, fruit, and your favorite rose.




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