The Best Healthy Frozen Treats to Get at the Grocery Store

Carrie Havranek
July 7, 2021
frozen desserts
Photo Credit: Chloe's

Summer is a time for all manner of frozen desserts, from popsicles to nice creams. But sometimes you just don’t feel like making it yourself. That’s where these healthier freezer aisle treats come in.

We shopped around and found a whole bunch of better-for-you-but-still-tasty frozen desserts you can feel good about eating any time of day. Many of them are dairy-free and all of them have short ingredient lists you can understand. We all scream for ice cream, especially when it’s healthy and delicious.

1. Chloe’s

We love this brand for their super-simple approach to fruit popsicles: They’re just fruit, water, and cane sugar, which makes the flavor strikingly intense. Blueberry, raspberry, mango, lime, strawberry, chocolate, and coffee are flagship flavors and they’ve recently added a strawberry pop with allulose and monk fruit.

Looking for something creamy (and chocolate-y)? Chloe’s also has nondairy pops made with oat milk. We love the cookies and cream and raspberry chip.

Buy It: Chloe’s, $6 for 4 pops

frozen desserts

Photo Credit: Sweet Nothings

2. Sweet Nothings

I’m totally cool with my kids consuming these organic, plant-based frozen desserts after dinner, mid-afternoon, or even for breakfast. They’re surprisingly filling given how small they are, and the tiny spoons nestled inside the lid are a fun touch.

Adults will love the Rise Coffee flavor, and the rest of the family should try tropical (with spirulina!), chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, and peanut butter.

Buy It: Sweet Nothings, $50 for 12

dairy-free gelato

Photo Credit: Nubocha

3. Nubocha

Nubocha is dairy-free gelato made from just a few ingredients: premium nuts or cacao, pure spring water, and allulose, a low-calorie keto-friendly sugar substitute. The spare approach was borne out of the Italian heritage and chocolate-business background of its founders.

There are five flavors in total, all vegan, keto-friendly, non-GMO, gluten free, and kosher certified. The best flavors, however, are chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate is especially airy and has a pleasantly bitter note that might surprise you; vanilla is a delightful blend of cashews and vanilla.

Buy It: Nubocha, $12 per pint

keto ice cream

Photo Credit: Nick’s

4. Nick’s

If you’re doing a low-carb thing and long for ice cream that tastes like ice cream, Nick’s is a great bet. This Swedish brand delivers super packaging and a creative (and delicious) array of flavors, from classics to more inventive to all the chocolate-lovers flavors. We sampled at least a half dozen and all are sweet and creamy with no sugar-alcohol aftertaste.

Buy It: Nick’s, $60 for 6 pints

alden's organic ice cream

Photo Credit: Alden’s Organic

5. Alden’s Organic

There’s something really nostalgic about this organic Oregon-based brand, which might be why Clean Plates founder Jared Koch and his kids love them so much. In particular, he and his family are fan of the New School Orange Cream Bars, which are made with milk, cream, cane sugar, and orange juice.

Alden’s also makes incredibly creamy organic ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and some dairy-free options, too, including bars with flavors such as horchata and strawberry lemonade.

Buy It: Alden’s Organic,  $6 for 4 bars

ice cream sandwiches

Photo Credit: Killer Creamery

6. Killer Creamery

Here’s another option for anyone trying to keep things low-carb. These pints from Killer Creamery contain only 2 to 3 net carbs, and no added sugar thanks to sugar alternatives such as allulose, erthyritol, monk fruit, and stevia. But you definitely don’t have to be following a low-carb diet to enjoy this healthier frozen dessert: The ice cream sandwiches (which come in vanilla and chocolate flavors), had my kids (two teenaged boys) going back for more.

Buy It: Killer Creamery, $48 for 6 packs of 6 sammies

rethink ice cream

Photo Credit: ReThink Ice Cream

7. ReThink Ice Cream

Here’s a novel concept: Ice cream that’s gentler on your stomach, thanks to A2/A2 lactose-free milk, no sugar alcohols, and prebiotics. Kids will likely dig the mint with chocolate flakes, chocolate almond butter, and chocolate majesty; adults might like the more sophisticated lemon poppy seed or coffee hazelnut.

Buy It: ReThink Ice Cream, $6 per pint

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