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6 Breakfast Foods That Help Reduce Inflammation, Say Experts

August 5, 2023

Getting the day off to a feel-good start should be a priority for anyone working towards a healthy lifestyle, and that starts with breakfast. What we put into our bodies first thing in the morning can set the tempo for how we feel the rest of the day.

There are some foods that can lead to inflammation, which is when the body continues to send out inflammatory cells even when it doesn’t need to. This kind of inflammation can lead to detrimental harm on the body, on your health, and how you feel.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, cancer, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. Thankfully, experts believe there are certain foods you can add to your breakfast to reduce inflammation in your body and give your day the jumpstart you need to feel good all day long.

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1. Avocado

avocado toast sprinkling sesame seeds on top


Avocado toast lovers, rejoice! Those looking to stay true to the trend (but delicious) dish will be happy to know that avocado is a great food to add to a breakfast to reduce inflammation.

Avocados also contain carotenoids, which are an antioxidant that helps lower inflammation. These antioxidants help with fighting inflammation in the gut. As a bonus, avocados also contain omega-3 fatty acids which also can help lower inflammation.

2. Eggs

egg avocado toast


Eggs contain vitamin D, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Some research shows evidence that a vitamin D deficiency could be linked to inflammation. Another study has shown that vitamin D, found in eggs, can reduce inflammation caused by T cells.

Emily Spurlock, RD with the Institute for Digestive Wellbeing, credits eggs for also keeping blood sugars stable.

“The best anti-inflammatory foods to add to breakfast are anything that keeps your blood sugars stable. Research shows elevated blood sugars can lead to inflammation and chronic disease,” she says. “Eggs, being mostly protein and fat, are packed full of nutrients that your body can use to reduce inflammation. They contain Vitamin D, choline, B-Vitamins, selenium, and phosphorus (to name a few) -all of which are essential for your body to properly function.”

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3. Berries

Thinking of whipping up a quick smoothie for an on-the-go breakfast? Don’t forget to include berries, especially blueberries. Berries contain vitamins and antioxidants called flavonoids that fight inflammation. They also have chemicals that regulate your immune system, which can reduce chronic inflammation.

Spurlock says, “Berries are also the highest in fiber and will keep your blood sugars more stable than other fruits.”

4. Spinach

spinach and eggs in a skillet


Now that eggs are included in the canon of foods to have for breakfast to reduce inflammation, why not add some superfoods to the plate? Adding some spinach to an egg omelet could pack a double punch of anti-inflammatory goodness. Spinach contains the antioxidant, lutein, which can help reduce inflammation, specifically in the blood vessels.

5. Mushrooms

mushroom quiche in a pie dish on a cooling rack


Many types of edible mushrooms have been found to contain anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of some phenolic compounds. Mushrooms are also rich in anti-inflammatory components, such as polysaccharides, fatty acids, carotenoids, and vitamins. These properties make mushrooms a great addition to any breakfast skillet or omelet for a great breakfast to reduce inflammation.

6. Dark chocolate

dark chocolate pieces on paper


For those who cannot hold off on satiating that sweet tooth until the afternoon, you’ll be happy to know that dark chocolate contains a plethora of antioxidants ready to help fight inflammation in the body. Eating dark chocolate that has a high concentration of cacao, like 70% cocoa dark chocolate, will increase your heart-healthy flavonoids levels which help to alleviate inflammation in the body. So why not throw some dark chocolate chips in your morning muffins or stack of healthy pancakes?

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