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10 of the Healthiest Items at Costco Right Now, Says Nutritionist

February 9, 2023
Image credit: Lindsey Engelken for Clean Plates

Warehouse retailer Costco is famous for its savings and “bigger is better” attitude, but they’ve also made huge strides in including more nutritious choices. If you’ve got space in your pantry, fridge, or freezer, we highly recommend stocking up on these healthiest Costco items.

With these staples that are currently available at Costco, you can save on your bottom line while having the convenience of not having to make endless visits to your local grocer for smaller quantities. From fruit to spices to wild-caught fish, these are the healthiest Costco items to buy the next time you’re shopping at the warehouse.

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1. Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A key component of the Mediterranean Diet, extra virgin olive oil is from the first pressing of olives. That makes it the most flavorful of all the olive oil options, and also among the healthiest — a diet high in extra virgin olive oil has been shown in medical studies to lower blood pressure. Also known as EVOO, extra virgin olive oil has a lightly grassy flavor and fruity scent. It’s great for everything from salad dressing to roasting, and can also be used for baking. This two-liter bottle should be enough to keep you cooking for a while.

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Blueberries

They aren’t just delicious — blueberries have also been proven to improve cognition. By purchasing them dried, you get the ease of taking them anywhere and not worrying about them expiring in a few days’ time. In most recipes, you can also change the raisins for dried blueberries, making for a simple swap with lots of brain-boosting power. They can also be rehydrated in water, and then used in a sauce or fruity topping for Greek yogurt.

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Blueberries

3. S&W Organic Black Beans

Canned beans are notoriously easier to use than dried because the hours of soaking and cooking has been done for you. While all beans have lots of fiber, black beans stand out for their anthocyanins, which are the antioxidants that give them their dark color. It’s the same antioxidant that colors blackberries and forbidden rice. Unsure how to incorporate black beans into your meals? Check out these 7 Ways to Turn a Can of Black Beans into a Healthy Dinner.

Buy now: S&W Organic Black Beans

4. Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats

All oats offer cholesterol-lowering benefits, but steel-cut oats reign supreme because they’re the least processed type of oat. Due to being closer to their original plant form, they generally take ages to cook compared to rolled. Bob’s Red Mill has gone ahead and solved that problem by creating a quick-cooking version of this beneficial grain. Make a big batch to last the week, and breakfast couldn’t be easier.

Buy now: Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats

5. Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter

Whether you’re #teamPB or #teamAB, you have to admit that there are dozens of uses for almond butter. Whether it’s to make energy balls or stew, almond butter is a healthy source of vitamin E, fiber, and biotin. Costco’s almond butter contains nothing but roasted almonds, which is a wonderful change from brands that include added oil or sugar.

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter

6. Prince of Peace Wisconsin American Ginseng Slices

Ginseng is a Chinese herb that has been studied for its uses in ailments from cancer to diabetes, and by purchasing it sliced, you’re just one teacup away from reaping its rewards. Costco’s Panax ginseng from Prince of Peace is American-grown on Wisconsin soil, which has the ideal conditions for the plant. In addition to making tea, sliced ginseng can be added to broths, soups, and stews.

Buy now: Prince of Peace Wisconsin American Ginseng Slices

7. Kirkland Signature Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic and unrefined, this virgin coconut oil is cold-processed to assure that no nutrients are lost. Studies for using coconut oil have mixed results, but there is so much more to this lightly sweet cooking oil than whether or not it’s useful for dieting: It’s rich in lauric acid, which is an easy source of energy for your body to use, and it has strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Avoid cooking at high temperatures with it due to its low smoking point.

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

8. Kirkland Signature Ground Turmeric

The health benefits of turmeric may sound too good to be true for such a simple little spice, but they hold up to endless studies. Known for its potent anti-inflammatory compound, which is called curcumin, turmeric root has a mild, earthy flavor, and a vibrant golden-yellow color. Sold ground into powder, it couldn’t be easier to add a shake or spoonful to your dishes. Add it to your meals, throw it in a popsicle mix, or make a soothing beverage with cider vinegar and honey.

Buy now: Kirkland Signature Ground Turmeric

9. Trident Seafoods Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Smoked sockeye salmon package


Perfect for salads and sandwiches, or as a high-protein snack, these salmon filets are slow-smoked over hardwood fires for the most luscious flavor and texture. Plus, wild sockeye has the most omega-3 of any salmon.

Buy now: Trident Seafoods Smoked Sockeye Salmon

10. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Everywhere you turn these days, someone is talking about collagen, the protein that makes up our connective tissues. Taking collagen internally can help you both look and feel better, so it’s no wonder that it’s gained so much popularity. Vital Proteins collagen is available at Costco plain and natural, or with chocolate flavor added. You can use it to make muffins or protein bars, or just dissolve it in liquid like water, tea, or juice. In a 24-ounce container, you’ll have months worth of collagen recipe experiments to try.

Buy now: Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

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