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7 Super Satisfying Vegan Sushi Recipes

April 21, 2024
Courtesy of Plant You

A cucumber-avocado roll is always great — but vegan sushi can be so much more than that. These recipes showcase the endless possibilities of plant-based ingredients, offering creative twists and bold flavors. They’re light and vegetable-forward, full of nutrients and very satisfying. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or an impressive dinner, you’ll find a vegan sushi recipe here to rival your fave local restaurant. 

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1. Vegan Cucumber Sushi

vegan cucumber sushi

Courtesy of Plant You

Get ready for veggie sushi that requires no rolling skills at all. You hollow out a cucumber and fill it with rice and vegetables — and don’t forget the wasabi if you like that bite. This would make a really nice light meal, or the perfect appetizer for a party.  

Try this recipe from Plant You.

2. Vegan Sushi Tacos

Sushi tacos

Courtesy of It’s Vegansis

Can’t decide between sushi and tacos? Combine them instead. Air fry rice-filled nori cups until crisp, then fill with a tofu-based “salmon,” and whatever vegetables you like. Drizzle with teriyaki or soy sauce and enjoy.

Try this recipe from It’s Vegansis.

3. Vegan Spicy Tempeh Crunch Roll

vegan spicy tempeh crunch rolls

Courtesy of Liv Vegan Strong

Kick up the heat with these spicy tempeh crunch rolls. Fold steamed and crumbled tempeh into a sauce made with vegan mayo, lemon juice, toasted sesame oil, and chili sauce. After rolling it into nori with rice and veggies, give the roll that satisfying crunch with toasted panko. 

Try this recipe from Liv Vegan Strong.

4. Vegan Sushi Bake

Vegan sushi bake

Courtesy of Veggie Ahh

The sushi bake was huge on TikTok, and now plant-based eaters can enjoy it, too. Smoked tofu takes the place of salmon, and you layer it with seasoned rice and veggies before baking until golden perfection. To serve, wrap spoonfuls in torn nori sheets. 

Try this recipe from Veggie Ahh.

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5. Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Rolls

Shiitake mushroom sushi rolls

Courtesy of Plant Based Jess

With their umami power, shiitake mushrooms often stand in for meat. Here you marinate them in a savory, garlicky sauce and roll up with seasoned rice. Lettuce, cucumber, and avocado in the rolls are a delicious balance for the meaty mushrooms. 

Try this recipe from Plant Based Jess.

6. Vegan California Roll

Vegan California roll

Courtesy of It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

No sushi roundup would be complete without a classic California roll, and this vegan version delivers all the flavors you love without the fish. Whip up a homemade imitation crab meat with hearts of palm, then combine it with creamy avocado, crisp cucumber, and rice. It even looks like the real thing.

Try this recipe from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken.

7. Vegan Nigiri

Vegan nigiri

Courtesy of The Tasty K

This vegan nigiri recipe takes plant-based creativity to a whole new level, using marinated tomatoes to mimic the look, taste, and texture of traditional tuna. Miso, tamari, and smoked paprika lend plenty of flavor and depth to the tomato. Place a slice on some rice, top it with a small dollop of plant-based cream cheese — it’s an authentic-looking and delicious plant-based alternative.

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