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5 Foods To Eat For High Cholesterol

November 6, 2023

Food plays a crucial role in our overall health, and it can have a significant impact on our cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in our blood that is essential for the body’s normal functioning. However, having high levels of cholesterol, particularly low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, can increase the risk of heart disease. On the other hand, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol is often referred to as “good” cholesterol because it helps remove LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Incorporating these foods into your diet can help you manage high cholesterol levels and promote heart health. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian for personalized dietary advice. By making conscious choices and including these foods for high cholesterol in your meals, you can take control of your heart health.

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1. Oats

overnight oats in jars with raspberries grapes and apples


Oats are a great choice for individuals with high cholesterol. They contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Regular consumption of oats has been shown to decrease total and LDL cholesterol levels, making them an excellent addition to a heart-healthy diet.

2. Fatty fish

canned sardines on toast


Fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats not only promote heart health but also help lower LDL cholesterol levels. Including fatty fish in your diet a few times a week can have a positive impact on your cholesterol profile.

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3. Nuts

bowl of almonds


Nuts, including almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, are packed with heart-healthy fats, fiber, and plant sterols. These components work together to reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Adding a handful of nuts to your daily snack routine can be a smart choice for managing high cholesterol.

4. Avocados

salmon avocado toast on a plate with herbs


Avocados are not only delicious but also beneficial for your heart health. They are rich in monounsaturated fats, which can help raise HDL cholesterol levels and lower LDL cholesterol levels. Additionally, avocados are a good source of fiber, which further aids in cholesterol management.

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5. Legumes

legume soup


Legumes, including beans, lentils, and chickpeas, are high in soluble fiber and plant-based protein. Consuming legumes regularly has been associated with improved cholesterol levels. They can be a versatile addition to your diet, whether in soups, salads, or as a side dish.

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