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8 Canned Mocktails To Take to the Beach

August 14, 2023
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A visit to the beach isn’t complete without a cooler of cold drinks. Kicking back with your feet in the hot sand practically requires something cool to sip on! But whether you’re the designated driver or are just trying to cut back on alcohol, you might prefer to pack zero-proof beverages for your beach day.

You’re in good company if you have a growing interest in living an alcohol-free lifestyle. In 2023, 15% of U.S. adults said they would observe Dry January (skipping alcohol for the first month of the year), and 34% said they wanted to drink less throughout the year. With so many people opting out of booze, the market has boomed with mocktails that can help turn Dry January into a dry summer as well. These eight canned mocktail options are perfect for packing for your next beach trip.

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1. Wildwonder


For a canned mocktail with health benefits, check out Wildwonder. These female-founded drinks are packed with probiotics and prebiotic fiber—the kind that feeds good gut bacteria. Unlike alcohol, which can disrupt your gut microbiome, these beverages actually promote gut health. Four juicy flavors include strawberry passion, mango gold, guava rose, and peach ginger.

Buy now: Wildwonder 6-Pack

2. Moment


Alcohol is known for its sedative effects, but believe it or not, you don’t need booze to find your zen. Moment’s variety of mocktails contain calming ingredients like ashwagandha, chamomile, and a proprietary adaptogen blend to bring down stress levels without alcohol, caffeine, added sugars, or artificial flavors. Open up your beach umbrella, crack open a can, and let the worries of life melt away.

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3. Bawi Agua Fresca

Bawi Agua Fresca

See ya, tequila! Bawi’s alcohol-free agua fresca canned mocktails give you those sitting-on-a-beach-in-Mexico vibes with a mix of real fruit, organic juice, and carbonated water. Take your pick of lime, passion fruit, or pineapple. Drink them on their own or use them as the perfect start to a zero-proof sangria.

Buy now: Bawi Agua Fresca Variety Pack

4. Recess Zero Proof

Recess Zero Proof

Sometimes it’s nice to pretend you’re drinking alcohol on the beach. That’s where Recess’ canned mocktails come in. A faux lime margarita, grapefruit paloma, watermelon mojito, and ginger lime mule mimic the flavors of traditional cocktails. Instead of alcohol, these use adaptogens to take the edge off. Their calorie count is hard to beat, too! Each can contains just 25 calories.

Buy now: Recess Zero Proof Sampler Pack

5. Mingle


Elegant packaging and intriguing ingredients give Mingle’s canned mocktails an oh-so-fancy feel. What’ll you take in your beach cooler, a cranberry cosmo, hibiscus blackberry bellini, or cucumber melon mojito? With the Summer Pool Pack, you decide between five tasty options. Or take them all!

Buy Now: Mingle Mocktail Variety Pack

6. Mocktail Club

Mocktail Club

Dig your toes into the sand and dig into your cooler for a round of Mocktail Club’s sophisticated slim-can choices. With the tagline “inspired by life and travel,” they’re infused with global ingredients like cardamom, chili peppers, and lemongrass. Imagine you’re on the colorful shores of Havana with a Havana Twist or the on the beach at Capri with a Capri Spritz.

Buy now: Mocktail Club Variety Pack

7. Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect

Okay, we’ll grant that Lemon Perfect’s lemon water is technically bottled, not canned, but these easy-sipping drinks pack just as well as cans in a cooler. And since they taste like an alcohol-free version of hard lemonade, they make a wonderfully sunny beachside beverage.

You can even feel free to hydrate with several flavors at a time, including piña colada-like pineapple coconut or bellini-like peach raspberry. Since they’re sweetened with ultra low-calorie erythritol, Lemon Perfect’s drinks come in at a mere 5 calories each.

Buy now: Lemon Perfect Organic Blueberry Acai

8. Swoon


Looking to limit your carbs? Grab a can of Swoon. Co-founded by a type 1 diabetic, Swoon offers a variety of zero-carb, zero-sugar flavors sweetened with monk fruit. Each can contains no artificial ingredients, supplies 100% of your daily vitamin C needs, and has just 5 calories. Bet you can’t find a cocktail that can say the same!

Buy now: Swoon – Pack of 6

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