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I Started Shopping at Aldi Two Months Ago and Have Saved Hundreds. Here’s How.

November 25, 2023

Like most American families, mine has been hit with the sticker shock of rising grocery prices in the last few years. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve texted my husband from the store with photos of the latest most eyebrow-raising price on frozen pizza or nuts.) For awhile now, I’ve been searching for a solution to quality food without the billionaire price tag.

So I nearly danced for joy when I recently discovered an Aldi had moved in just a few miles away from my home. Having briefly lived in Germany, where Aldi hails from, I knew that this no-frills grocery chain is famous for its rock-bottom prices. By keeping 90% of their products private-label, rather than brand-name, and selling items other stores have overstocked, Aldi maintains some lowest prices around. In fact, according to a February 2023 press release, the company has been voted the number one grocer in price for six years in a row by Dunnhumby, a customer data science outlet.

About two months ago I decided to see if the type was legit. I headed to Aldi for my weekly grocery shopping — and was not disappointed! Rather than being shocked at the high prices, as I normally am when I go grocery shopping, this time I was floored by the low cost of products. Since that first trip, I’ve made a near-weekly Aldi run and have shaved hundreds off my grocery spending. Here are my top tips for stretching your dollar at Aldi.

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Get to know your local store.

Aldi has some regional variations of what they sell, so my first piece of advice is to get to know what your local store carries. This way you can shop according to the items they stock at the best prices. At my local store, I load up on bread, dairy products, nuts, dried fruits, and some fresh produce. All of these items are significantly cheaper at Aldi than at my other local grocers. I recently scored a bag of pecans, a loaf of bread, and cucumbers, all for half what I was used to paying at another chain!

Buy when you have the chance.

Since Aldi receives shipments of products other stores have overstocked, their supplies aren’t always the same. If you see something you think you might want, I say grab it when you see it. It might not be there the next time! For foods that freeze well, such as bread, tortillas, or berries, buy multiples if you have the freezer space. (Or do the same for foods that have a lengthy shelf life in the pantry.)

Make it one stop of several.

Though Aldi offers impressive low prices on many of their products, not all of their foods are equally budget-friendly. Some, such as their specialty bakery items and meats, cost around what you’d pay at other stores. And since their stores are smaller than most other mainstream grocery chains, Aldi might not carry absolutely everything you’re looking for.

You’ll probably need to make Aldi one of a couple of stops to check everything off your grocery list. When I grocery shop, I now go to Aldi and my local Kroger-owned store. If you ask me, though, it’s worth a little extra travel and a little extra time for the massive savings I’ve racked up in just a couple of months. Danke, Aldi!

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