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I Cut Sugar Out of My Morning Coffee and Noticed These 4 Results

September 23, 2023

My morning routine comes with a cup of coffee in hand; it helps to jump-start my day and gives me the post-wake-up energy I need. For years, I would drink coffee iced with cream and sugar. While it tasted delicious, it wasn’t my healthiest choice. I finally decided to make some changes, starting with swapping out cream for oat milk and continuing to use either granulated sugar or turbinado sugar. After some time, I concluded that it was best to cut sugar out of my coffee completely and just use oat milk. A bold choice, I know. But after a year of making the switch, I’ve realized that there have been several perks to cutting out this sweet addition.

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1. My skin is clearer.

Breakouts, especially after the teenage years, are irritating. It is tough to wake up one morning and find a red zit on your face…especially before a big presentation  And frankly, I don’t want to be bothered with it. According to the Cleveland Clinic, diets high in sugar are a cause of acne.

For me, it was best to cut out unnecessary sugar in my diet. Once I removed it from my coffee, I started to notice a clearer and cleaner face staring back at me in the mirror. No need for a 45-step skincare routine!

2. I consume fewer calories.

It’s the little changes you make that could impact your overall health for the better. According to Diabetes Education Online, one tablespoon of sugar can contain around 15 grams of carbohydrates and be about 60 calories. Similarly to other carbohydrates, sugar can lead to weight gain and affect your blood sugar levels. I didn’t realize cutting out sugar could be so impactful on my caloric intake. By not adding sugar to my coffee, I am cutting back at least 60 calories, and probably more!

3. I enjoy the taste of coffee.

Did the sugar in my coffee taste good? Yes, but did I need it? No.

However, since I’ve cut sugar out, I can tell weak versus strong coffee, I can taste the different roasts and blends, and overall really enjoy a freshly brewed cup (over ice). All that sugar I used to put in would mask the taste of coffee, and I thought it was a good thing since a cup of joe can taste bitter at times. But as time went on, I realized there was more to drinking it than just for a wake-up call. And now, adding sugar makes it taste too sweet and I no longer prefer it. Oh, how the times have changed.

4.  My teeth feel cleaner.

Did your parents ever tell you as a child that too much candy will rot your teeth? They weren’t fibbing — and adult teeth are just as susceptible.

Consuming sugar can interact with the bacteria within plaque, which can produce acid. This acid is the reason for tooth decay because it slowly dissolves the enamel. And in return, creating holes or cavities in the teeth.

Cutting sugar out of my morning coffee will help my teeth stay healthy, and I can show off my winning smile for years to come.

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