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The Stretch Routine That Makes My Mornings More Energized

November 12, 2021
Morning stretch

Welcome to the second week of our Master Your Mornings challenge in partnership with Youtheory®. Last week, we introduced Yumna Jawad and her time-saving morning hack. This week, we’re going to focus on kicking your day off with a big energy boost.

Dancer and fitness expert Chelsea Freeman shared her personal way to make her mornings more energized — without using any caffeine. Chelsea admits that before she started her special morning practice, she’d wake up just in time to rush out the door, but now, she enthusiastically gives herself a little extra “me time” because it gives her the boost she needs and the energy resonates positively throughout the day.

And check out these 9 Super Easy Breakfast Hacks That Will Make Your Morning Healthier. These tips are all small, doable swaps that will set you up with a big energy boost. One of our favorites? An incredibly low-lift way to give yourself a little special brunch vibe every morning (and it takes seconds, we swear).

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Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.

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