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I Tried The Viral “Snickers” Stuffed Dates and I Can’t Stop Making Them

December 11, 2023
Samantha Schwab / Clean Plates

While we hate to admit it, TikTok is actually a goldmine when it comes to finding delicious and healthy recipes. The social media platform has introduced us to blended baked oats, cottage cheese ice cream, feta eggs, and now “snickers” stuffed dates. This better-for-you version is salty and sweet and truly tastes just like the real deal. But, instead of caramel, the faux snickers are made with dates, which have a lower glycemic index, are full of fiber, and are nutrient-packed. The recipe comes together in under 15 minutes, which is why we make sure to have these “snickers” stuffed dates stocked in our refrigerator at all times.

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How to make your “Snickers” stuffed dates even healthier

“Snickers” stuffed dates are surely healthier than the OG version, but their health benefits are highly dependent on the quality of the chocolate and peanut butter used. For the chocolate, we like to use dark because it typically has less added sugar compared to semi-sweet or milk. For the peanut butter, we look for single-ingredient labels because a lot of nut butters actually have a lot of junky ingredients hiding in them. For instance, when we looked at the ingredient list for one of the top-selling peanut butter brands, we noticed it was full of sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oil. This peanut butter from Whole Foods is one of many that is made purely from dry roasted peanuts.

Our tips for making this viral treat

While there’s tons of different variations floating around on the internet, here’s our favorite way to make the viral snickers stuffed dates in a pinch.

1. Use a spoon to fill the dates

A lot of the videos floating around on TikTok use piping bags to fill the dates. While this might yield a slightly cleaner result, we say skip it and use a spoon. It’ll taste the same and who has the time to clean a piping bag? Not us!

2. Drizzle, don’t dip

Unless you want a fully chocolate-coated date, we highly recommend drizzling the chocolate on top of the date with a spoon. Trust us, it’s so much faster!

3. Add coconut oil to the chocolate

This step is optional, but adding just the tiniest amount of coconut oil to the melted chocolate will help the consistency of the chocolate; it will drizzle much more easily and the chocolate will be softer when you bite into it.

4. Sprinkle with flaky sea salt

A lot of people top the “snickers” dates with crushed peanuts, but we’re here to tell you that flaky sea salt is the way to go. The sweet and salty combo is what makes this our favorite snack.

5. Don’t limit yourself to peanut butter

While it’s more traditional to make with peanut butter, we also love making the snickers stuffed dates with other nut butters. So far, cashew butter is our favorite. And, while we haven’t tried making the treats with sunflower butter yet, we imagine it would work well as a kid-friendly option!

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