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7 Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas That Are Still Super Filling

November 4, 2023
Courtesy of The Big Man's World

When it comes to mornings, it’s essential to start your day with a meal that’s not just delicious but also provides the right kind of energy to keep you going until lunch. For those looking for lower-calorie meals that are still filling breakfasts to start your day, we’ve gathered a collection of low-calorie breakfast ideas that are sure to keep your taste buds and tummy happy. Let’s dive into these low-calorie breakfast ideas to help you kickstart your day on a wholesome note.

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1. Greek yogurt protein muffins

Greek yogurt protein muffins

Courtesy of Hungry Happens

Start your day with these moist and protein-packed muffins. The combination of Greek yogurt, bananas, and chocolate chips creates a delightful morning treat.

Try this recipe from Hungry Happens.

2. Easy zucchini oatmeal

Easy zucchini oatmeal

Courtesy of Detoxinista

Sneak in extra veggies with this unique zucchini oatmeal, which is both low in calories and high in fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Try this recipe from Detoxinista.

3. Banana oat egg pancakes

Banana oat egg pancakes

Courtesy of Meaningful Eats

These gluten-free, dairy-free pancakes are made with just a few simple ingredients: bananas, eggs, oats, and a dollop of nut butter. They’re a fantastic low-calorie and protein-rich breakfast choice.

Try this recipe from Meaningful Eats.

4. Egg white omelette

Egg white omelette

Courtesy of The Big Man’s World

Create a fluffy and low-calorie egg white omelette, and customize it with your favorite veggies.

Try this recipe from The Big Man’s World.

5. Sweet potato toast


Sweet potato toast

Courtesy of Ohemgoodness

This unique and low-calorie alternative to traditional toast is packed with nutrients and is sure to be your new favorite breakfast.

Try this recipe from Ohemgoodness.

6. High-protein veggie egg bake

High-protein veggie egg bake

Courtesy of Skinny Fitalicious

This hearty egg bake features an assortment of veggies and is an excellent low-calorie, high-protein breakfast option.

Try this recipe from Skinny Fitalicious.

7. Sweet potato hash

Sweet potato hash

Courtesy of Love and Lemons

Satisfy your morning cravings with a flavorful and low-calorie sweet potato hash. It’s loaded with fiber and essential nutrients, making it a healthy and filling choice.

Try this recipe from Love and Lemons.

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