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13 Healthy & Easy Fall Sheet Pan Dinners You’ll Love

By Jess Novak & Carrie Havranek
September 28, 2023
Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

While they’re no fun to make in the summer, when the idea of turning the oven on and heating our homes up sounds like absolute torture, now that cool weather is here, we’re excited to use seasonal ingredients to make these super easy, fall sheet pan dinners. With minimal prep and cleanup, these fall sheet pan dinners make for ideal weeknight meals.

These flavors are just plain fun, too — breakfast for dinner? Try the sheet pan sweet potato hash. Or how about some nachos? While that may not sound terribly healthy, this version is actually loaded with vegetables and pretty good for you. We’ve selected a 13 recipes featuring our favorite fall flavors so you can enjoy the season (without a ton of extra effort).

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1. Sheet Pan Pork Chops with Cabbage, Apples, and Potatoes

sheet pan pork chops with apples

Courtesy of Running To The Kitchen

We love this colorful plate, perfect for fall. These sheet pan pork chops are a great way to use antioxidant-packed, inflammation-fighting purple cabbage, which gets a balancing hit of sweetness from the apples. We typically throw in a couple of big handfuls of green beans, too, which roast perfectly in the same amount of time at this temperature and add a good amount of vitamin K and calcium.

Try the recipe from Running To The Kitchen.

2. Vegan Curried Sweet Potato and Chickpeas

chickpea carrot sheet pan

Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

Just 15 minutes of prep time lead to a flavorful, plant-based meal that’s as full of vitamins, proteins, and healthy carbs as it is full of warm spices. This curried sweet potato and chickpea recipe delivers one of those fast, versatile dishes that leave you feeling light but sated. This would be great with some baby greens quickly wilted in a little avocado oil, or steamed kale, as the author recommends.

Try the recipe from Minimalist Baker.

3. Loaded Veggie Nachos

sheet pan veggie nachos

Courtesy of Cookie + Kate

Nachos for dinner sounds like maybe not the world’s healthiest life choice, but the truth is, they can be pretty good for you — and we can’t think of a recipe that works better for the whole family. These nachos already have plenty of vegetables, but we also love adding sliced red onion and even some ribbons of kale. Although the pinto beans already come with plenty of protein, for an added protein boost, you can add some extra black beans or chopped cooked chicken.

Try the recipe from Cookie + Kate.

4. Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs with Artichokes

sheet pan chicken and artichokes

Courtesy of Basil + Bubbly

We file this extremely simple chicken thigh recipe under “dishes that look super fancy but take no time and are surprisingly cheap to make.” We typically think of artichokes as a springtime vegetable, but there’s actually a small crop of them in the fall, too (but this recipe calls for canned artichokes, so it really doesn’t matter). Tossed in the quick lemon marinade, they crisp up beautifully in the oven, as do the chicken thighs. This one is great served with orzo or wild rice.

Try the recipe from Basil + Bubbly.

5. Butternut Squash, Tofu, Chickpea Sheet Pan

butternut squash chickpea sheet pan

Courtesy of Eating With Bird Food

Looking to use up that butternut squash this fall season? This fall sheet pan dinner comes to the rescue! Roast that butternut squash, with tofu, chickpeas, and red onion, all thrown together with a drizzle of tahini on top. It’s one of our favorite fall sheet pan dinners to date!

Try the recipe from Eating Bird Food.

6. Sheet Pan Bruschetta Chicken with Butternut Squash

bruschetta chicken fall sheet pan with cubed butternut squash

Courtesy of Wholesomelicious

We’re at the very tail end of tomato season, but right at the beginning of butternut squash season — and this Whole30- and Paleo-approved sheet pan recipe celebrates both. We tend to end up buying pre-cut butternut squash because carving it up can be a pain on weeknights, but even if you do the whole thing DIY, this recipe requires extremely little prep time. Make this dish kid-friendly by tossing whichever ingredients they’re willing to eat with some pasta.

Try the recipe from Wholesomelicious.

7. Sheet Pan Marinated Steak Tips with Veggies

steak tip sheet pan dinner with veggies

Courtesy of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Sirloin steak tips and a ton of vegetables get mixed with fresh rosemary and avocado oil, then roasted on one sheet pan for a hearty, easy weeknight meal. The gluten-free marinade takes under five minutes to whip together in a blender and is basically our new favorite balsamic vinaigrette (we drizzled the same one over a romaine lettuce-based side salad).

Try the recipe from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.

8. Spicy Thai Sweet Chili Shrimp

spicy shrimp sheet pan dinner with veggies

Courtesy of Killing Thyme

A giant bag of frozen shrimp perpetually lives in our freezer, and for good reason: it’s super quick to defrost and makes an easy weeknight meal feel kind of special. This sheet pan shrimp recipe feels like takeout, but way less expensive, frankly tastier, and better for you: the easy-to-make chili sauce uses honey, rather than the corn syrup a store-bought one would have.

Try the recipe from Killing Thyme.

9. Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Hash

sweet potato fall sheet pan for breakfast with eggs

Courtesy of How Sweet Eats

Breakfast for dinner is always a treat, but especially when it’s a one-pan dish — yes, including the eggs. This easy-clean-up sweet potato hash recipe calls for bacon, but feel free to skip it to make it vegetarian. It would also be great with veggie sausage bits, and would definitely take well to any other kinds of added veggies, such as quartered Brussels sprouts.

Try the recipe from How Sweet Eats.

10. Sheet Pan Baked Salmon and Vegetables

sheet pan salmon and veggies

Courtesy of The Real Food Dietitians

Salmon can seem intimidating to cook, but the truth is, you really can just throw it on a sheet pan, season it, and toss it in the oven. This sheet pan salmon recipe is fantastic as-is, but we sometimes replace the green beans with broccoli chopped into fine florets, just for variety’s sake (and because the flavors go so well together). This recipe works well for other fish, too: dorade, for instance, is a mild, buttery fish that is lower cost and bakes well.

Try the recipe from The Real Food Dietitians.

11. Sheet Pan BBQ Tofu and Vegetables

tofu veggie sheet pan with sauce

Courtesy of Running To The Kitchen

This BBQ tofu recipe has to be the easiest way to convert tofu antagonists into pro-tofu-believers. The problem with a lot of people’s early exposure to tofu is that it’s pretty flavorless on its own, and is often served under-seasoned. But one thing you can say about BBQ sauce is that it packs a ton of flavor. Pro tip: this recipe’s author recommends hand-tearing the tofu to get more surface area and create a more interesting texture, and we love that. This is also a fun way to get kids playing in the kitchen, should you have any potential little helpers who want in.

Try the recipe from Running To The Kitchen.

12. Garlicky Mushroom Sheet Pan Gnocchi

gnocchi mushroom sheet pan served in a bowl

Courtesy of Two Market Girls

On the weekend, we might be tempted to make our own potato gnocchi, but during the week, we just buy it — the refrigerated section at a lot of grocery stores has fresh gnocchi just waiting for you. While most classic gnocchi recipes call for lightly boiling them, baking them instead is even better: they get crisp on the outside while remaining tender inside. This plant-based dish is excellent all on its own, but if you wanted to sprinkle some grated parm over top, we wouldn’t stop you.

Try the recipe from Two Market Girls.

13. Baked Chicken Shawarma

baked chicken shawarma with veggies in a wrap

Courtesy of Feasting At Home

If your household is comprised of both meat-eaters and vegetarians, this baked shawarma recipe is ideal. Choose your protein — both chicken and extra firm tofu work great, and you can choose to do both in separate bowls on different baking sheets. Just add the peppers, cauliflower, and onions, then toss with cumin, coriander, and turmeric. These are great served in a bowl over quinoa, in a wrap, or with a tahini-based sauce.

Try the recipe from Feasting at Home.

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