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These Crispy Chicken Tenders Will Make You Want to Buy an Air Fryer

by Beth Lipton
August 17, 2021
Photo Credit: Healthy Little Peach

It’s not unusual to find drool-worthy food photos on Instagram; half the time I wonder if it wasn’t invented just for that reason. But when you come across a recipe that makes you want to buy a gadget just so you can eat that food right now? Now, that’s noteworthy. Enter exhibit A: These Chili Lime Crispy Chicken Tenders with Avocado Ranch.

I saw this recipe from Healthy Little Peach and wanted it immediately. And it may or may not have been 7:03 a.m. on a Tuesday. That might not seem remarkable, except that I didn’t yet have an air fryer  and I’m generally not a huge fan of chicken. And before you get all, “What do you mean you don’t like chicken?,” I didn’t say that. I don’t dislike it. I just never choose it, especially if there’s a grass-fed steak or piece of wild-caught fish on offer.

But anyway, back to these chicken tenders.

air fryer chicken tenders

Photo Credit: Healthy Little Peach

These Crispy Chicken Tenders Are Basically Perfect

Everyone will love these chicken tenders. You will love them, your kids will love them, your gluten-free friends will love them, and your paleo friends will, too.

The tenders themselves are breaded with almond flour and flavored with lime juice, chili powder, and Tajin, a chili-lime-sea salt seasoning. The dipping sauce combines an avocado, a bit of mayo and a few classic ranch spices like garlic powder, onion powder, dill and parsley.

Together, they make for a super-flavorful meal that takes less than 30 minutes to make. And did I mention they’re also freezer-friendly?

Get the recipe: Chili Lime Crispy Chicken Tenders with Avocado Ranch from Healthy Little Peach

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