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The 8 Best Trader Joe’s Breakfast Items, According to Dietitians

By Aly Walansky
June 6, 2022
Image credit: Lindsey Engelken for Clean Plates

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day (really, science says so) but it’s also a meal that there never seems to be time for. Some of us are running around trying to get ready for work, others are scrambling to get the kids out the door or attempting to get the dog walked and fed before our first call of the day — and some of us are attempting to do all of the above simultaneously. But whatever your morning schedule looks like, there never seems to be time to prep an actual breakfast. So the best way to make a healthy breakfast and start the day right is to keep things as low-effort and quick as possible. 

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Enter Trader Joe’s, which has some tasty, dietitian-approved breakfast items that should definitely be tossed into your cart on your next grocery trip. They’ll give you the energy and the satisfied appetite you need to start the day strong, and won’t bust your budget or disrupt your diet while you’re at it.

1. Everything but the Bagel Smoked Salmon 

There’s nothing like starting the day with a bagel and lox, right? This smoked salmon lets you combine those flavors into one heart-healthy ingredient. Elevate your avocado toast and give it a healthy protein boost with this extra-tasty smoked salmon — and enjoy some added health benefits, to boot. “You’ll start your morning with your daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids,” says Jenna Stangland, MS, RD, co-founder of A4 Health and team dietitian for Minnesota Timberwolves.

2. Vanilla Overnight Oats 

Overnight oats are a good plan for a healthy start to the day, but making them also means thinking about breakfast the night before, which… doesn’t always happen. But what if all the heavy lifting was done for you? “I don’t make the time to do overnight oats often, but this new product fits the bill,” says Melina Jampolis, MD, nutrition specialist and host of the podcast Practically Healthy by Dr. Melina. At 240 calories, with 6g of fiber and 8g of protein, these Trader Joe’s overnight oats are an ideal way to start the day if you prefer a sweet to a savory breakfast. We love that these oats contain zero added sugar; all the sweetness comes from dates. “You can sprinkle this with a little cinnamon to boost health benefits and improve blood sugar control all day,” says Jampolis.

3. Egg Frittata

This egg frittata with Swiss cheese and cauliflower feels pretty fancy for breakfast, but it couldn’t be easier to enjoy. “I love frittatas but don’t have time to make them often, so this new product in the frozen section is a tasty option,” says Jampolis. Each frittata is only 135 calories and has 12.5g of protein, which is a great protein boost for your morning. “It’s pretty high in saturated fat, but works well for those following a low carb or keto diet or as an occasional breakfast — just watch your saturated fat intake the rest of the day,” Jampolis says. If you’ve got a few extra minutes, top with fresh or dried herbs for added antioxidants, or serve on top of arugula with a simple vinaigrette for easy weekend brunch vibes on a weekday. 

4. Trader Joe’s Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal 

This is the health-conscious eater’s dream breakfast cereal. “This hot cereal uses four different whole grains and contains five grams of fiber per serving,” says Toby Smithson, RD, founder of “It’s important to start your day with a high-fiber food source, and this hot cereal contains not only insoluble fiber, which is important for bowel health but also soluble fiber which helps regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol,” said Smithson. In addition to filling fiber, this cereal also contains 4g of protein per serving which will help keep you full longer.

5. Buttermilk Protein Pancake Mix 

This mix is a great option if you’re craving pancakes but don’t want a traditional mix, which tend to contain lots of refined sugar. “Each serving has ten grams of protein and three grams of fiber,” says Jampolis, who suggests trying adding a little stevia and cinnamon to the mix to naturally sweeten it without extra sugar. If you want to avoid using maple syrup, consider topping your pancakes with almond butter and a handful of berries. “If you want a little syrup, keep it on the side and dip the pancakes in it to consume a lot less,” says Jampolis.

6. Shakshuka Starter

Another great way to bring brunch to your weekday: a shakshuka starter — all you need is a couple of eggs to crack on top. “This is a savory, flavorful dish with healthy vegetables, topped with protein that requires very little work in the morning,” says Stangland. “To get the perfect macro-balanced breakfast, add toast or pita triangles for dipping, and you’re all set.” 

7. Organic Açaí Bowl

We normally wouldn’t promote anything with refined sugar, but this is the deal: açaí bowls are satisfying and delicious, but they can get pretty pricey at the local café. However, the ready-made versions at Trader Joe’s are inexpensive, taste great, and are still nutritionally very impressive. “I love this organic açaí bowl for an easy, delicious antioxidant-loaded breakfast,” says Stangland. These bowls come frozen, so you can either defrost them in the fridge overnight or throw them in the microwave in the morning. “I love the combination of berries, açaí, and chia seeds for the topping,” says Stangland. “These are all anti-inflammatory ingredients and immune-boosting foods.” Plus, it’s a nice option to get all this fruit variety without needing to break the bank — and there are only 2g of added sugar, which is about half a teaspoon.

8. Chia Bars + Greek Yogurt

 “I’m always running out the door, so I need fast, portable options,” says Jampolis. “For a protein- and fiber-rich option, I love Trader Joe’s organic chia bars — they pack three grams of fiber each — and I pair it with their low-fat or plain Greek yogurt, which has 14 grams of protein. Their new canned cold brew coffee is a great on the go option, too — with no added sugar.”

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