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10 Delicious Ways to Eat & Drink Turmeric

By Geraldine Campbell
March 8, 2021
Photo Credit: The Simple Veganista

Turmeric has been having a moment for a while now—and that’s on top of its long history (we’re talking thousands of years) in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese Medicine. One of the reasons for its longevity? It’s relatively easy to incorporate turmeric into your cooking. This earthy, slightly bitter spice can go sweet or savory — or a little bit of both. Here are 10 delicious turmeric recipes to inspire you.

1. Vegetable Vegan Frittata from The Simple Veganista

This vegan “frittata” uses tofu to create the egg-like base and adds in tons of vegetables (use whatever produce you have that’s about to expire) and plenty of spices to make it substantial and flavorful enough to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

golden milk

Photo Credit: Natasa Mandic

2. Easy 5-Minute Golden Milk

Try this warm, comforting drink instead of an afternoon latte. Or make yourself a cuppa at night to prepare yourself for sweet dreams.

golden milk ice cream

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

3. Golden Milk Ice Cream from Minimalist Baker

Healthy ice cream? Yes, really when it’s made with turmeric and coconut milk.

turmeric-tahini bowl

Photo Credit: Keepin’ It Kind

4. Macro Bowl with Turmeric-Tahini Dressing from Keepin’ it Kind

Tahini pairs wonderfully with turmeric in the dressing for this nutritious macro bowl. Our advice? Make a bunch of the dressing and drizzle it over everything.

turmeric tuna

Photo Credit: Pickled Plum

5. The Best Tuna Sandwich from Pickled Plum

What’s better than that tangy, crunchy combo of tuna fish, celery, pickles, and mayo? All of the above, plus turmeric. Make a big batch and stuff it in whole wheat pitas with tomato and avocado slices all week.

turmeric carrot soup

Photo Credit: Gourmande in the Kitchen

6. Ginger Turmeric Spiced Spring Carrot Soup from Gourmande in the Kitchen

This comforting soup has a velvety texture and an added benefit: It freezes well.

turmeric chicken

Photo Credit: Budget Bytes

7. Turmeric Chicken from Budget Bytes

Say so long to boring chicken dinner.

turmeric vegetable curry

Photo Credit: Lauren Caris Cooks

8. Vegetable Curry with Turmeric from Lauren Caris Cooks

Of all the turmeric recipes, this one might be the most versatile. Start by sautéing whatever veggies you have on hand. Next, add turmeric and coconut milk and simmer. Finish with fresh herbs and serve over your grain of choice. Dinner, done!

turmeric smoothie

Photo Credit: Downshiftology

9. Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie from Downshiftology

It’s nearly smoothie season, right?

cucumber salad

Photo Credit: Joe Lingeman / Kitchn

10. Smashed Cucumbers with Turmeric, Coconut, and Peanuts from Kitchn

Here’s another harbinger of warmer weather. This recipe starts by blooming turmeric in coconut oil to make a super-flavorful oil that pairs well with the crunch of cukes and peanuts.



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