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Wise Cracker

May 24, 2016
You will go crackers for these gluten-free, better-for-you snacks from Simple Mills. (Photos: Simple Mills)

Finding a cracker that’s both healthier and delicious isn’t as easy as it’s, well, cracked up to be. Conventionally produced crackers usually taste great but are often loaded with unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated oils, unpronounceable flavor enhancers and excess sodium. Better-for-you health-store versions (especially the gluten-free kind) sometimes taste as good as pressed sawdust.

So we’re absolutely thrilled that Simple Mills, a company devoted to healthy updates of conventional prepared foods, has taken a crack at baking a healthier cracker—and they’ve hit a homerun. Their new line of gluten-free, almond flour crackers is exclusively made with nutrient-dense, whole-food ingredients and is so yummy that you’ll want to inhale a whole box in one sitting, but of course, we don’t recommend that.

Katlin Smith, the founder of Simple Mills

Simple Mills’ founder Katlin Smith started her company in her North Carolina living room.

The crackers come in four flavors—sea salt, rosemary, farmhouse cheddar, and sundried tomato and basil—but they all share a base of Simple Mills’ nut-and-seed flour blend (almonds, sunflower seeds and flax), cassava (a mineral-rich root vegetable), tapioca (a starch derived from cassava), organic sunflower oil, organic onion, organic garlic and sea salt. The small, nutty squares are about the same size as Cheez Its and pack a similarly satisfying crunch.

In fact, the cheddar flavor—made with organic cheddar cheese—is a dead ringer for Cheez Its but with more real cheese taste and half the sodium. The sea salt flavor is comparable in taste to Wheat Thins, neutral enough to host any topping. The rosemary and sundried tomato-and-basil varieties are flecked with real herbs that dominate their flavor profiles, making them great canvases for cheese, hummus or veggie dips.

The crackers are free of grains, soy, sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives and GMOs, so the only unwanted stuff you have to worry about is the crumbs you’ll be making!

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