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We Tried 5 Hummus Brands And This Is The Best One

January 13, 2024

Hummus is one of our favorite plant-based dips — it’s healthy, high in fiber and protein, and incredibly versatile. We love eating hummus with raw veggies and pita or adding it to grain bowls and sandwiches for its creamy texture. And, call us crazy, but we’ve even leaned into the dessert hummus trend, devouring the chocolate-y spread with fresh fruit and pretzels.

While hummus is a relatively easy snack to make, we often find ourselves short on time. Plus, cleaning the food processor may be one of our least favorite things to do. Acknowledging that we’re probably not going to be making hummus from scratch each week (despite our best efforts), we wanted to determine which store-bought hummus was the best. It is the new year, afterall, and we want to keep our healthy eating habits on track. To get to the bottom line on whose hummus is best, we taste-tested five of the most popular brands.

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5. Trader Joe’s Organic Hummus – $2.99 / 8 oz

When we first opened the Trader Joe’s hummus, it was, without a doubt, the best looking of the bunch. Some of the packages had some liquid separation, but the Trader Joe’s hummus appeared extra creamy and had a beautifully maintained swirl. When we dove in with our veggie spears, we immediately noticed how much thicker this hummus was compared to the others. While we didn’t mind the consistency, it really fell flat with its flavor. Another knock we had on the hummus was that it uses sunflower oil, which we’re typically not fans of because it’s high in omega-6 fatty acids. While we didn’t love the Trader Joe’s hummus with veggies or pita chips, we could see it working well as a sandwich spread.

4. Cava Traditional Hummus – $4.99 / 8 oz

We absolutely love Cava’s make-your-own bowls, so expected their hummus to rate high on our list — but it surprised us, coming in fourth place for us. It has a prominent chickpea flavor and a very airy texture, almost as if it was whipped. That being said, the Cava hummus has the cleanest ingredient list included in the taste-test. It’s made of organic chickpeas, tahini, water, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and citric acid. It doesn’t have any oils, and it doesn’t even have any spices. While it wasn’t our favorite, Cava’s hummus would be a great option for hummus purists or those looking for a lighter calorie option.

2. Tie: Sabra Simply Classic Hummus ($4.19 / 10 oz) and Whole Foods Market Organic Original Hummus ($2.99 / 8 oz)

We went back and forth between the Sabra Simply Classic Hummus and Whole Foods Market Organic Original Hummus, and ultimately decided it was a tie for second place between these two. They are both very flavorful with lemon, cumin, and garlic as the dominant flavors. Consistency-wise, they’re both smooth but still have a bit of texture. We would recommend the Sabra and Whole Foods brands for people who prefer their hummus to be flavor-packed.

1. Cedar’s Organic Original Hommus – $4.29 / 8 oz

The Cedar’s Organic Original Hommus was a home run for us. We had seen their hummus on shelves before, but had never reached for it prior to the taste-test — and, boy, have we been missing out! The hummus is really well-balanced without any overpowering flavors and is ultra smooth and creamy. It does have sunflower oil, which isn’t our preferred oil, but the hummus is so delicious that we can easily see ourselves upping our vegetable intake because of it.

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