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Our Top Holiday Gift Ideas for 2023, From the Clean Plates Team

November 21, 2023
Clean Plates

Finding the perfect gift for the holidays is never easy. How do you find the perfect gifts for the people you love with so many options out there? Especially with Black Friday around the corner—with all of those deals you can’t help but avoid—having a list of holiday gift ideas ready to purchase would be ideal. If you know what to get, of course. 

Hence why we put this list together. Our team here at Clean Plates made a list of the top healthy food and wellness products that would well for any wellness guru in your life. In order to fit every type of budget, we ordered our items from budget-friendly stocking stuffers to luxury wellness items, ranging in prices that will fit whatever works for you this holiday season. From healthy treats to wellness goodies and all the kitchen tools every home cook needs, here are our top holiday gift ideas for this year.

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1. Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mix

While this 8-pack of Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mix would work well for a gift on its own, the individual packets could also work well as a stocking stuffer. If you’re filling stockings for a number of people this holiday season, why not add a little fruity electrolyte mix to the sock? Made with coconut water and no added sugar, these mixes provide four times more electrolytes than the average sports drink, and are great for not only a workout, but a mid-afternoon boost or if you’re feeling a little squishy the morning after a night out.

Buy now: Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mix 8-Pack ($12)

2.  Stocking Stuffers

Courtesy of Brightland

Another clever stocking stuffer to add to the mix! Brightland is offering smaller versions of their high-quality olive oil and vinegar that make for easy gifts if you need something small, or even for a white elephant swap at work. Get the classic extra virgin olive oil, or grab something a little different like their chili-infused, or the citrus-infused. Can’t decide which one to get? Grab a box of the Mini Essentials for $70, which includes two of their popular olive oils, as well as their balsamic and their champagne vinegar. 

Buy now: Brightland Stocking Stuffers ($20/each)

3. Milk and Dark Gift Box

Courtesy of Hu Kitchen

Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate—you know, the good chocolate. The kind that makes you “ooh” and “ahh” when you take a bite, and this gift box from Hu has it all. With four different types of chocolate—including two made with nut butters—this gift box is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life.

Buy now: Milk and Dark Gift Box ($40)

4. WellzyPerks Annual Membership

woman running on a treadmill


If you’re not sure what the perfect gift looks like for that wellness guru in your life, then why not give them gift of choice—at a major discount. WellzyPerks is a subscription service that provides major discounts for all of your favorite wellness brands, making it easier to afford all of the food, products, and wellness service that make up a healthier life. For just $49 a year, get significant discounts on brands like Nutribullet, Caraway, The Vitamin Shoppe, Weight Watchers, CHOMPS, Hu Kitchen, Headspace, Hungry Root, Thrive Market, and more.

Buy now: WellzyPerks Annual Membership ($49/year)

5. The Kitchen Bin

Courtesy of Mill

Have someone in your life with a mission to live greener, but no idea how to get started? Mill has a solution for the food scraps in your life — The Kitchen Bin for compost! It takes your food scraps and breaks them down to a fraction of the original size, holding scraps for up to a month and composting them into dirt. The Kitchen Bin can be paid off with a subscription, so a gift card can help get a person started toward living a greener life at home.

Buy now: The Kitchen Bin – Gift Card ($50 to start)

6. Calabrian Chili Pasta Box Recipe Kit

Courtesy of Giadzy

The gift of pasta is quite a special one, especially when it comes with all kinds of high-quality ingredients from one of your favorite Food Network chefs. From the brilliant mind of Giada de Laurentiis, you can get a box of her high-quality pasta brand with all the necessary ingredients to make a restaurant-worthy pasta dish at home. Not a fan of Calabrian Chili? Giadzy also offers other recipe kits to choose from like Lemon Spaghetti, Pasta Alla Zozzy a, and of course, Giada’s fan-favorite Sheet Pan Lasagna. 

Buy now: Calabrian Chili Pasta Box Recipe Kit ($58)

7. Below 60° Diffuser Starter Kit

Courtesy of Below 60°

This diffuser kit is what dreams are made of, or at least, that’s what Hilary Duff things. Perfect to set up in bathrooms and small places, Below 60° is a simple diffuser kit with fragrances coming from rich, natural essential oils without the use of synthetics or artificial ingredients. This kit comes with three of their signature fragrances (mint, citrus, and vanilla) and can be purchased outright or with a three-month subscription at $29.97 a month.

Buy now: Below 60° Diffuser Starter Kit ($59

8. Best in Snow & Sun Gift Set

Courtesy of Seattle Chocolate

A variety of festive chocolates all in a cute box? What better gift could there be? Seattle Chocolate has a variety of gift sets to grab this holiday season, making it easy to buy for that person with a sweet tooth. The Best in Snow & Sun Gift Set comes with a variety of chocolates with holiday-specific favors, truffles, and some of their best high-quality chocolates for sampling.

Buy now: Best in Snow & Sun Gift Set ($61)

9. The Barsys Coaster

Courtesy of Barsys

Not everyone has the patience to learn how to whip up the perfect cocktail, but thankfully, Barsys has a solution. This smart coaster teaches you how to put together craft cocktails with assistance from the bartenders who actually know what they’re doing. Don’t know what to make? Simply plug in the spirits that you have on hand and the technology will let you know exactly what to make.

Buy now: The Barsys Coaster ($64)

10. By Jing Box

Courtesy of Fly By Jing

Take all of your meals up a notch with Fly By Jing’s popular collection of sauces and chili crisps. Perfect for dolloping onto eggs or noodle/rice bowls, these sauces could work for all kinds of meals for the adventurous foodie. 

Buy now: By Jing Box ($70)

11. Buckingham Palace Teapot and Warmer Set

For the person who loves to turn tea time into an experience, this set not only comes with the most elegant looking tea pot, but a warmer to keep your tea at the perfect temperature so you don’t have to drink it all before it gets cold. The set also comes with two blooming teas that can make at least two or three pots of tea each.

Buy now: Buckingham Palace Teapot and Warmer Set ($80)

12. Brightening and Exfoliating Gift Set

For the person in your life who loves a little night of self care, this brightening and exfoliating set takes anyone’s skin care routine to the next level. Juice Beauty uses formulaic acid from green apples to give you those age-defying skin benefits.

Buy now: Brightening and Exfoliating Gift Set ($109)

13. Holiday Mimosa Kit

Courtesy of Twisted Alchemy

Mimosas aren’t just made with orange juice—with a set like this, you can get crafty! If there’s a person in your life who loves to host and enjoys finding clever ways to serve drinks, this mimosa bark makes it easy. Just grab a few bottles of sparkling wine and it’s time to party!

Buy now: Holiday Mimosa Kit ($119)

14. COSORI Next Generation TurboBlaze 6.0-Quart Air Fryer

Courtesy of COSORI

Not only does this compact air fryer come with a five-speed air flow, giving you a perfect cook every time, but it also is a nine in one functionality. It’s not just meant for air frying, but also roasting, baking, broiling, dehydrating, freezing, proofing, reheating, and keeping things warm. At a price like that, we’re shocked—what can’t this thing do?

Buy now: COSORI Next Generation TurboBlaze 6.0-Quart Air Fryer ($119)

15. 8.5 Inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan

There are a lot of pans you can choose from on the market, but when it comes to making the perfect sunny side up egg in the morning? Not many seem to be able to hold to the task. But this fry pan from 360 Cookware does—and we have the months of testing to prove it. This pan is not only non-stick, but it also cooks the egg evenly, the handle doesn’t get hot, and the egg simply slides right off when you’re done. It’s a game changer for anyone who’s frustrated with pans that can’t seem to live up to your Instagram-worthy egg dreams.

Buy now: 8.5 Inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan ($119)

16. Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set

Courtesy of BED OF NAILS

If a regular appointment at an acupuncturist isn’t in the budge, this mat is a great alternative for anyone looking to get a little needlework done in their life. This ankle and pillow set has 10,962 pressure points that help relieve back pain, increase energy, and yes, even help you relax. Even if it means latino down on thousands of pointy nails to do so.

Buy now: Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set ($119)

17. Nutribullet Ultra

Is there a person in their life who can’t seem to shut up about how badly they need a new blender for their smoothies and protein shakes? Take this as a sign to finally get them the blender of their dreams. The Nutribullet Ultra is not only quieter than previous models (blend up that smoothie while everyone sleeps!), it’s much higher in power and looks sleek on the counter. With two sustainable blending cups to attach, this blender will certainly make every smoothie lover want to blend up something delicious ASAP.

Buy now: Nutribullet Ultra ($149)

18. Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener Holiday Gift Set

Tumbler Ware

Nothing ruins prepping for a good meal like a dull knife. Can’t chop anything properly? Having to use too much force to cut through the squash or the potatoes? This Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener set provides you with all the necessary tools you need to keep your knives sharp and ready for prep in a snap. Sharpen the knife to the perfect degree you desire, and then polish it off to give it that chef-worthy gleam.

Buy now: Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener Holiday Gift Set ($159)

19. Hatch Restore 2

Yes, you can give sleep as a gift this holiday season. Or at least better sleep. With the Hatch Restore 2, sleepers can set up morning and night routines that help them to wake up and fall asleep to music and sounds, guided meditations, stories, and even soothing radio-style talk shows to get that brain going—or to turn it off for the night. Set the mood with the colors you desire (maybe even colors to match the sunset!) and when you set an alarm, the Hatch will slowly start waking you up with soft light and noises so the alarm doesn’t feel so abrupt when it actually goes off. 

Buy now: Hatch Restore 2 ($199)

20. All In One Barista Bundle Set, 7 Piece Espresso Machine

Sure, going out for a coffee every day may seem cheaper than owning an entire espresso machine at home. But over time? Those coffees add up, and if you know a coffee lover who can’t help but have that afternoon cup, an espresso machine may just be the exact thing they need. This set comes with all of the tools you need to make the perfect espresso drink at home including an electric coffee bean grinder, a stainless steel portia filter with single and double shot filter baskets, a milk frothing pitcher, a scoop/tamper, and two ceramic espresso cups.

Buy now: All In One Barista Bundle Set, 7 Piece Espresso Machine ($219)

21. The Essentials Case

Courtesy of Dedalus

A bottle of wine is nice as a gift, but how about, oh we don’t know, 12 bottles? An entire case can go a long way for the vino lover in your life, especially if that case is made up of handpicked wines from the best winemakers around the globe. When you compare this case to some of the prices of the wines Dedalus offers online (some bottles reaching up to $350 alone), this feels like a steal.

Buy now: The Essentials Case ($250)

22. Theragun Sense

For the price of one or two massage sessions, you can have the ultimate massaging tool at your disposal—for life. Slightly relaxed compared to their sports-performance models, the Theragun Sense is geared toward the wellness-loving crowd; the people who need a massage after a long day of running around with the kids, but barely have 10 minutes for to do any kind of self care. With features like the six-minute sleep routine and even guided meditations, the Theragun Sense makes it easier to take care of your mind and body day-to-day. For an even smaller price, shoppers can get the Therabody Relief, which has slightly less features and massage power (perfect for those with aging muscles!), but still a great number of features to get you that daily massage you need.

Buy now: Theragun Sense ($299)

23. Steak and Seafood Collection

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is a pack of really good quality meat—and this collection is exactly just that. While the price may seem up there, the quality of what you get is absolutely worth it. From the suppliers at Snake River Farms, this collection comes with two American Wagyu steaks (the best of the best!), a Maine lobster, and wild gulf shrimp. Perfect for a surf and turf night!

Buy now: Steak and Seafood Collection ($313)

24. Essential Health Panel

Maybe the best gift this holiday season is answers. The types of answers that will help you take care of your body and perform at your absolute best. This health panel from Thorne is an assessment of 63 different biomarkers such as hormones, minerals, vitamins, and metabolic function. It helps with giving a deeper understanding of your body’s needs and what health aspects to actually focus on this new year. Although a lab visit is required, this panel gives you access to the data you need through their app, and personalized recommendations on how to proceed with your health based on your results.

Buy now: Essential Health Panel ($345)

25. X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

Building a fire pit can be quite a task, so why even bother when this pit from Breeo makes it easy? The pit is truly smokeless, meaning you won’t have a face full of smoke and smell like a bonfire for days after. Getting a fire going in this pit is fast and easy, and it even allows for live-fire cooking if you’re looking to turn bonfire night into a cookout!

Buy now: X Series Smokeless Fire Pit ($399)

26. Health Coach Training Program


While this is certainly the priciest item on our menu, it is the kind of gift that will keep on giving forever. The health and coach training through Integrative Nutrition dives deeper into the practices of holistic nutrition, resulting in a board certification to become a holistic health coach. It’s a 6 or 12-month paced course, entirely online, and available in English and Spanish. Plus, you can get 40% off your purchase with the code BLACKFRIDAY2023.

Buy now: Health Coach Training Program ($5,138)

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