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Breakfast You Can Make from 5 Ingredients or Less? Yes, Please.

May 2, 2021
Photo Credit: Haute and Healthy Living

When it comes to breakfast, easy and healthy are paramount. And when I say easy, I’m talking about the kind of 5-ingredient breakfasts that can be made in minutes with groggy eyes. But that doesn’t mean they have to be #basic. Below, you’ll find options that are simple and satisfying — but never blah.

1. Egg Bites (5-Ingredients) from Haute and Healthy Living

You may have made egg bites before. If you have, you know that they are quick, easy, and nutrient dense. They’re also extremely versatile, meaning you can use whatever you are craving (or whatever happens to be in your refrigerator) and it’s probably going to be a winner. But, if you have the time to be a tiny bit more intentional, may we suggest this slightly fancy version, which uses salmon, dijon mustard, scallions, and cheese. Haute and healthy really delivers on this one.

Photo Credit: The Worktop

2. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal from The Worktop

This cozy oatmeal tastes like fall but is so tasty you’ll crave it all year long. The apples give off so much natural sweetness as they cook down and soften that you may find you don’t even need a finishing drizzle of maple syrup or honey.

overnight oats

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

3. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats from Minimalist Baker

If you prefer your oats to be ready and waiting for you when you wake up, these overnights oats might have you jumping out of bed. (No, actually.) They’re creamy, slightly sweet, super-hearty, very satisfying and totally customizable. Did we mention they take 5 minutes to pull together? Winner winner, oatmeal breakfast may not be a thing, but we’re just saying. (Plus, did you know oats are a go-to breakfast for pro athletes?)

Salsa scrambled eggs

Photo Credit: EatingWell

4. Salsa Scrambled Eggs from EatingWell

Ok, so scrambled eggs are nothing new, but keep a jar of your favorite salsa on hand? And this jazzed up version of scrambled eggs will always be within reach. If you happen to have a ripe avocado on hand, throw that on top too.

egg and avo toast

Photo Credit: Rachael Ray in Season

5. Egg & Avocado Toast from Rachael Ray in Season

Or perhaps you prefer your avocado with eggs on top instead of vice versa. There’s no way you won’t be satisfying after eating a loaded egg and avocado toast.

yogurt parfaits

Photo Credit: Super Healthy Kids

6. Healthy Yogurt Parfait from Super Healthy Kids

Pre-made, store-bought yogurt parfaits are mostly loaded with sugar. But making your own parfaits is so easy and so much healthier. This recipe calls for yogurt, granola, and strawberries and just a little bit of maple syrup, but it is 100% customizable. Other fruit — fresh or frozen — would work just as well. Bonus points: Your kids will feel so fancy eating parfaits for breakfast.

Pesto breakfast sandwich

Photo Credit: A Couple Cooks

7. 5 Minute Pesto Breakfast Sandwich from A Couple Cooks

If you have store-bought pesto on hand, you can have a fancy and fuss-free breakfast sandwich ready in 5 minutes. The recipe calls for English muffins, but use your favorite bread — or maybe one of these?

tofu scramble

Photo Credit: Natural Comfort Kitchen

8. 5 Ingredient Veggie Tofu Scramble from Natural Comfort Kitchen

If you’re vegan, or just looking to mix up your egg game, this tofu scramble is for you. It’s delicious and healthful, but the best part about it may be that you can make it on the weekend and it keeps all week long.


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