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Our Editors Share Their Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for This Year

November 29, 2022
Clean Plates

Stuck on what you should buy the foodie in your life? How about the wellness warrior, or the meal prep magician? Thinking up the perfect gift is half the battle when it comes to holiday shopping — especially when you’re completely out of ideas. But don’t fret; our editors put together a list of our favorite holiday gift ideas for you to consider buying this year. From gorgeous cookware to nifty appliances and a few delicious treats along the way, here are the gifts worth buying — and all of the major savings you don’t want to miss out on!

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Ninja Speedi™ Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer

Can’t decide between buying someone a rapid cooker or an air fryer? The Ninja Speedi provides the best of both worlds for just under $200! This appliance offers 12 different ways to cook including “Speedi Meals,” steaming, crisping, baking, proofing, roasting, broiling, dehydrating, searing and sauteeing, slow cooking, sous vide, and of course, air frying. Plus, you can get an extra 20% on all Ninja orders of $200 or more with a WellzyPerks membership.

Buy now: Ninja Speedi™ Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer, $199.99

Caraway Cookware Set

Have someone in your life begging for a new set of pots and pans? The holidays sound like the perfect opportunity to gift them what they truly desire — a set of non-stick pots and pans that not only cook like a pro, but also look aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen. With so many gorgeous colors to choose from, this set will look charming enough to be the center of attention in any kitchen. You can even get an extra 10% on all Caraway orders with a WellzyPerks membership.

Buy now: Caraway Cookware Set, $395

Supernatural x King Arthur Gingerbread Kit

This kit is the perfect gift for the cookie-baking lover in your life. Not only does this kit come with everything you need — gingerbread cookie kit, rainbow chips, frosting, and lots of sprinkles — but the ingredients are also vegan and plant-based, giving them a healthier twist on this holiday classic treat.

Buy now: Supernatural x King Arthur Gingerbread Kit, $49

Caraway Glass Food Storage Set

If you have a meal prep lover who is all about cooking healthy meals and storing them for a week ahead, treat them to a gorgeous set of glass food storage containers from Caraway. Available in five different colors, this set comes with 14 food storage containers, including small inserts for sauces and dips within the containers, as well as three container racks for easy storage. Again, you can even get an extra 10% on all Caraway orders with a WellzyPerks membership.

Buy now: Caraway Glass Food Storage Set, $245


If the idea of the perfect gift involves lots of snacks, you can’t go wrong with the KIND Cube. This cube comes with a variety of 20 different KIND bars, with eight different flavors. It folds open beautifully, making it a magical gift without any intricate wrapping needed on your end. Plus, you can get 21% off on all one-time orders with a WellzyPerks membership.

Buy now: KIND Cube, $42.25

Stojo 16 oz. Cup

Take your coffee in style with Stojo’s classic foldable keep cup, making it easy to enjoy your favorite beverage on the go. It comes in 21 different colors to choose from, so finding the perfect color for a gift is easy. The 16 oz. cup comes with a reusable straw for splash-proof slipping, and works well with both hot and cold drinks.

Buy now: Stojo 16 oz. Cup, $20

The Caviar Co. Hackleback Caviar

The adventurous foodie in your life will be completely shocked to open up their very own supply of caviar this holiday thanks to The Caviar Co. The company offers a variety of caviar options, but if you’re looking for something relatively inexpensive, a tin of Hackleback Caviar can be purchased for just under $50.

Buy now: The Caviar Co. Hackleback Caviar, $46

Modern Picnic The Luncher

Carry your lunch in style! Modern Picnic offers a line of vegan leather handbags that are — surprise! — actually insulated lunchboxes. The Luncher is their classic offering, coming in numerous colors, textures, and designs. They also offer other handbag options including The Snacker (a leather clutch), The Tote (a tote bag with an insulated lunch box), and the Large Luncher (for the serious meal prepper, of course). Plus, WellzyPerks offers 22% all Modern Picnic orders!

Buy now: Modern Picnic The Luncher, $159

Catamount by Prepara Popcorn Popper Gift Set

Making homemade popcorn — and avoiding all of those extra chemicals and preservatives — has never been easier! Thanks to this gift set, popcorn lovers can enjoy a large bowl of freshly popped popcorn whenever they choose, making it just as convenient as the usual bag. This gift set comes with four movie theater popcorn containers, making your at-home movie night an even more exciting event.

Buy now: Catamount by Prepara Popcorn Popper Gift Set, $38

Roasting Plant Just Roasted Discovery Set

If the coffee lover in your life is also what some would say a “snob” about their cup of joe, then this discovery set will likely tickle their fancy. The set includes three specialty coffees including Guatemala, Brazil, and Roasting Plant’s signature blend. Plus, the gift set comes with a high-quality Keep Cup and a 12 oz jar of Coffee Blossom Honey.

Buy now: Roasting Plant Just Roasted Discovery Set, $95

Apothékary Starter Set – Restore

apothekary set

Courtesy of Apothekary

We all know someone who could take a load off, and this supplement kit can help. It includes two herbal blends to help reduce stress and promote a restful night’s sleep Plus: they taste like hot chocolate and chai tea, so they’re perfect for the cozy season! Plus, you can get an additional $15 off your order with WellzyPerks!

Buy now: Apothékary Starter Set – Restore, $69

Exclusive Death & Co Book Bundle

For the cocktail enthusiast in your life, the Death & Co book bundle is exactly what they need. Learn from the country’s mixology experts as these books dive into the nitty gritty details of making the perfect drink — along with a massive collection of the cocktails they shake up at their flagship cocktail lounges around the country.

Buy now: Exclusive Death & Co Book Bundle, $102

Boisson Ultimate Sober Curious Non-Alcoholic Bundle

If you’re buying for a friend who recently went alcohol-free and is in search of the best mocktail fixings out there, Boisson has everything the mocktail mixologist would desire. Their “Ultimate Sober Curious Non-Alcoholic Bundle” kit comes with all of their favorite spirit-free classics.

Buy now: Ultimate Sober Curious Non-Alcoholic Bundle, $242

Fly By Jing Tis The Season(ing) Box

For the adventurous foodies that love a burst of flavor with every bite, Fly By Jing is offering a special kit of their top-selling sauces, dressings, seasonings, and more.

Buy now: Fly By Jing Tis The Season(ing) Box, $112

AeroGarden Harvest

Have a friend looking to grow their own fresh herbs and greens right at home? This six-pod garden makes it easy to grow your own garden inside, with LED grow lights and reminders for watering and feeding your plants. You can choose which type of pods you want to grow (herbs? salad greens?) based on the different growing kit purchased with the garden.

Buy now: AeroGarden Harvest, $109.95

Anyday The Everyday Set

anyday the everyday set

Courtesy of Anyday

The microwave isn’t just for reheating food, you know! Thanks to Anyday’s set of glass microwavable containers, you can enjoy ready-to-eat meals with just a few clicks of the microwave. The Everyday Set comes with four containers perfect for making larger dishes like hearty stews, fluffy grains, juicy meats, and easy sides, as well as smaller containers for oatmeal, snacks, and desserts. These containers not only work well for cooking in the microwave, but they’re also freezer, dishwasher, and oven safe.

Buy now: Anyday The Everyday Set, $120

Teabloom Floral Variety Flowering Tea Canister

Every tea connoisseur wants new teas to add to their stash — and they probably haven’t tried these: mixed with edible flowers, these green tea packets bloom when you add them to water, making tea time a truly magical experience. Get 15% off any order with WellzyPerks.

Buy now: Teabloom Floral Variety Flowering Tea Canister, $19.95

Vena Calming CBD Soaking Salts

After the year we’ve had, we could all use several spa days — and these CBD soaking salts bring the spa right to your home! The pack comes with six soaks, each infused with 50mg of CBD and scented with spa-grade chamomile and lavender to soothe skin and calm the senses. 

Buy now: Vena Calming CBD Soaking Salts, $24.95

Vine to Bar 4 Assorted Dark Chocolate Bars – Library Box

Give the ultimate gift of luxury with these decadent dark chocolate bars. They’re infused with WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc, an antioxidant-rich byproduct of the winemaking process, which makes them great for the palette and the planet. And no, they don’t contain any alcohol — but they pair perfectly with wine! Get 20% off your first order with WellzyPerks.

Buy now: Vine to Bar 4 Assorted Dark Chocolate Bars – Library Box, $34.50

Medterra Seasonal Sampler Gummy Box

Help a loved one get a kick-start on their New Year’s wellness goals with this set of restorative CBD gummies. It includes specially formulated gummies for better sleep, stress relief, and productivity — the perfect trio for getting over the holiday hump and feeling refreshed come January.

Buy now: Medterra Seasonal Sampler Gummy Box, $44.99

The New Primal Spice Rack Pack

‘Tis the season to add more seasonings! If you’ve got a chef in your circle, this healthy spice rack pack will inspire their creative genius. It includes nine seriously flavorful shakers — and they’re all organic, low-sodium, and gluten-free! Get 20% off your first order with WellzyPerks, and 15% off every order after.

Buy now: The New Primal Spice Rack Pack, $58.95

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