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Peak Performance: Secrets of the U.S. Open Tennis Players

August 30, 2016

By Tanya Steel

It used to be that professional tennis players stayed at the baseline, methodically hitting balls to and fro, barely breaking a sweat. Boy, have times changed. Professional tennis now demands true peak performance, both physically and emotionally. Players have to be as fast as Usain Bolt, as flexible as Simone Biles, have as much stamina as Brazilian soccer’s star Neymar and the hand-eye coordination of Kevin Durant. And all this in the ultra-rowdy, ultra hot and steamy atmosphere of the year’s final Grand Slam, the U.S. Open Tennis Championship.

How do they do it? We asked four women professional tennis players their secrets to getting and remaining energetic and fit during the super competitive tournament, set to start Monday.


Monica Puig, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, World Ranking 34

“I stay energetic before, during and after the U.S. Open, number one by making sure I take all of my USANA supplements. They really help me recover my body as best as I can,” says Monica, who is a spokesperson for the brand. “Also, making sure that I’m very well hydrated, drinking lots of water or any kind of sports drink and after really hard sessions, I make sure I have protein shakes, get a good night’s rest to make sure my body is 100 percent.”

Lucie Safarova, 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Ranking 35

“I started this gluten-free and lactose-free diet a few months ago, which really helped me so I’m continuing to be very strict on it as it gives me much more energy than I used to have before. As usual, I try to eat healthy and get enough veggies and fruits and drink plenty to hydrate because usually, those tournaments are in tough heat conditions.”

Karolina Pliskova, World Ranking No. 11

“I start my day with a fresh fruit breakfast and some cereal and then before my practice or match I always have some pasta.  I try to stay hydrated because the weather is pretty hot here. During the tournament and practices, I always take USANA Vitamin C which helps me to stay healthy.” (Pliskova is also a spokesperson for USANA.)

Daria Gavrilova. World Ranking No. 45

“Well, right now I’m in the tournament so I get enough fitness just playing matches but whenever I’m out of it I’ll be doing some fitness, a bit of gym, a bit of running. Just staying on top of my fitness. Hydration is very important and I’ll take vitamin C and eat healthy food.”

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