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Attention Whole Foods Shoppers, This Budget-Saving Tip is a Must

February 25, 2020

As much as the grocery store has a reputation for being expensive (maybe heard it being referred to as “Whole Paycheck”), I never really felt that was totally the case even when I was on a tight student budget. Whole Foods has always had good sales if you seek them out, which I did on the regular as a student and still do today. Recently, there’s a new website feature that I am loving and it’s made shopping for deals at the grocery store even easier.

Whole Foods’ Website Search Feature Makes it Easier to Find Great Deals

While Whole Foods has long made their weekly sales available online through their website and on their app, there are a whole slew of additional in-store sales that you usually hadn’t been able to see until you were roaming the aisles. Now with their website search feature, you can view every single sale Whole Foods is having and even see how long it is going to last.

How to Use This Feature to Save Money

To utilize this feature, click on “Browse Products” at the top of the Whole Foods homepage. You’ll then be brought here. After entering your zip code to find your local store, you’ll suddenly see everything Whole Foods sells right in front of you. Check off the “Sales” box in the left column and the feature will immediately filter to show you all the sales that are currently happening at your local Whole Foods. If you’re a Prime member, you can also check off “Prime Member Deals” to see additional deals just for you.

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Money-Saving Meal Plans

I like to use this feature as a budget-friendly way to meal plan. I’ll browse the site to see what different vegetables, proteins, and more are on sale while I am brainstorming what to cook in the coming week. Maybe if I see that blueberries are on sale then I know that I’ll pick them up to sprinkle on my morning yogurt through the week instead of planning for strawberries. If I see ground turkey is on sale, I’ll plan to make a big pot of chili for dinner and maybe even grab a second package to toss in the freezer and use to make turkey burgers a couple of weeks later. Utilizing the feature in this way not only ends up saving me money, it helps inspire my meal plan, especially on the many occasions when I stumped about what to make.

Have you used this Whole Foods feature? How do you like to use it?


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