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Seeds of Health

May 12, 2015
Chia isn't just for puddings, you can use white chia seeds and chia oil in a host of recipes.

We love chia seeds, really we do.

Their health benefits are myriad: They are the highest known plant-based source of omega 3s and are also packed with protein, fiber and all nine essential amino acids. When submerged in liquid, their unique gelling action (they can absorb up to 16 times their weight in liquid) helps with hydration and keeps you feeling full longer.

But those little black specks are aesthetically none-too-pleasing when we plump them up in a coconut milk chia seed pudding or scattered on top of yogurt.

That’s why we were so happy to find out about two new-to-us products: non-GMO white chia seeds ($7 for 150 grams) and chia oil ($25 for 9.5 ounces) from The Chia Co. They come with all the benefits of the black ones and none of the gummy associations, making them perfect for a milky fruit smoothie.

The oil is reminiscent of olive oil, but in a creamier almost buttery way. Like olive oil, chia oil has a low smoke point, so don’t cook at high heats or fry with it. Reserve it for use in low-temperature applications like salads, smoothies and drizzled on top of already roasted vegetables. We loved drizzling a spoonful of the oil over a breakfast bowl of savory oatmeal, or upgrading a treat of goat kefir and maple syrup with a shot of it.

These new products even got us to break out of our chia rut. Try the white seeds in chicken soup for dinner or the oil drizzled on an apple, celery and walnut salad for lunch.

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Good food brings people together.
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