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4 Easy Ways to Add Moringa to Your Diet

August 30, 2013
Discover moringa--the latest superfood—and some tasty bites that contain it.

What tastes like a radish, grows like a tree, and is a nutritional powerhouse? It’s moringa, and some people are calling it a “miracle” food because the leaves are rich in iron, protein, potassium and vitamins B, C, and A—and it grows easily in dry soil, in hunger-challenged countries where it’s needed most. Fresh leaves aren’t common yet the U.S., but if you find them, their peppery taste compliments salads. Try adding moringa to your healthy diet with these products:

1. Republic of Tea Moringa SuperHerb Tea 

To sample moringa’s flavor, try brewing a cup of this caffeine-free, organic green rooibos, moringa leaf and mango blend: it has a refreshing, grassy taste.

2. UliMana Moringa Truffles

Want a treat with that tea? Made with cacao and sweetened with coconut nectar syrup, these are more about fun than nutrients, but as desserts go, they’re an impressive one.

3.Kuli Kuli Moringa Superfood Bar 

You’ll be eating the ground leaves in these gluten-free, raw snack bars (though you won’t notice it!). Founder Lisa Curtis discovered moringa during a Peace Corps trip to West Africa, where the plant relieved her own malnutrition symptoms. The bars come in Crunchy Almond, Dark Chocolate and Black Cherry.

4.  Africrops! Moringa Leaf Powder

For a more powerful nutritional kick, try mixing these powdered leaves into juices, smoothies, cereals and salads.

Leaf it to Mother Nature.


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