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3 Easy Ways to Boost Brain Power Every Day

February 20, 2019

Brain fog can show up as small annoyances like losing your keys, as embarrassing gaffes like forgetting your neighbor’s name. And sometimes it shows up in more serious ways like screwing up at work, forgetting to pick your kid up from an after-school activity. Whether it causes you small problems or big ones, it’s not fun, and left unchecked, it can really get in the way of your goals and, you know, just enjoying your life.

Now for the good news: There are some easy ways to boost your brainpower that are simple to incorporate and even fun, pleasant additions to your day. Here are three of our favorite.

1. Drink your matcha.

Over the last few years, matcha — essentially high quality, finely milled green tea — has been showing up in cafes all across the country. But it’s not just its appealing bright green hue that has made this drink the darling of the wellness movement. Matcha is quite the brain booster. Research shows that it may help with everything from reducing anxiety to improved memory and better focus. One we love: Further Food’s Mindful Matcha. “For me personally, it feel like it turns on a light in the brain,” says health coach Jade Nelson. “With coffee you have those ups and downs. Mindful Matcha is more even—there’s no crash, no jitteriness.”

There’s a reason for the the gentler boost. “Matcha contains L-theanine, which helps prevent the crash that typically accompanies caffeine,” says nutritionist Charlotte Press. “Additionally, L-theanine has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation. The Further Food blend also has adaptogens like organic ashwagandha root that can help balance hormones and promote relaxation; organic cordyceps, which can promote athletic and cardiovascular ability; and organic ginger root, which is anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting.” No wonder health pros love Mindful Matcha; this unique, expertly crafted blend is designed to bring calm, balance and zen to your day in one delicious cup.

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Man lifting weights

2. Lift weights.

Not that you need another reason to hit the weight room or your fave strength-training class, but here’s one anyway: Regular weight training may help prevent and lower symptoms of depression, one cause of brain fog. Research shows that it works in the long term, but also that participants report feeling better right after a workout as well.

3. Get social.

We’re talking face-to-face social, not liking someone’s latest Instagram post. Studies show that social contact, especially stimulating conversation, boosts cognitive function, no matter how old you are. Plan a dinner with friends and make it a no-phone zone. Try a new restaurant (or cook a recipe you haven’t tried before), or do an activity together that’s outside your usual routine—that’s another way to up your brain game.

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