The Best Healthy Frozen Cocktails to Sip on This Summer

Frozen skinny margarita
Photo Credit: gnom-gnom

June 18, 2020

By Isadora Baum

Frozen cocktails scream summertime, but they are often pretty high in carbs and sugar. Yet, it’s hard to not want to give in and drink something icy and refreshing when you’re out on the patio or lounging by the pool. The good news is you can totally make a low carb and low sugar version of your favorite frozen cocktails, like daiquiris and margaritas that are big on flavor. Here are 5 easy and delicious frozen boozy creations that you can sip on without worrying about blood sugar swings and that carb and sugar overload.

(Frozen!) Skinny Keto Margarita from gnom-gnom

Made with allulose, a liquid sweetener that is keto approved and doesn’t have an aftertaste like some other low-carb sweeteners, this frozen skinny marg won’t spike blood sugar, and it’ll still taste tart, refreshing and delicious. By using an allulose syrup, it will easily add the sweetness to the cocktail, but you can also use powder. You can dissolve your allulose in hot water to get it distributed evenly. Just use 30% more as it’s less sweet than sugar.

Low-carb daiquiri
Photo Credit: KetoDiet App

Low-Carb Daiquiri Cocktail from KetoDiet App

A low-carb daiquiri that’s made with stevia, it has just 3.6 grams of net carbs per serving. Stevia is an excellent sweetener for low-carb and low-sugar drinks, as it is easy on the digestive system and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. Use 3-6 drops of liquid stevia to get the right balance of sweetness and tart.

Keto Strawberry Daiquiri from Veg Annie

While this strawberry daiquiri has a bit of sugar from the use of monk fruit, as opposed to stevia or erythritol, the sugar is natural, rather than added. So, it’s not bad for you, and there’s only a tiny bit of monk fruit used, where this cocktail only has 4 grams of sugar total. Plus, it’s also vegan and under 100 calories per serving.

Frosted raspberry lemonade
Photo Credit: Mama Shire

Frosted Raspberry Lemonade from Mama Shire

Made with raspberries to add vibrant color and flavor, this cocktail has antioxidants and is low in sugar, thanks to the use of the keto-friendly sweetener stevia. Plus, there’s some protein to fill you up from collagen peptides, which are also great for promoting skin health and fighting free radical damage, too.

Frozen Blended Vegan White Russian from Minimalist Baker

Ready in just 5 minutes, this creamy vegan White Russian uses coconut or almond milk as a dairy-free alternative and chilled, bold coffee for that strong depth in flavor to complement the Kahlua and vodka. If desired, top with coconut whipped cream and chocolate sauce.


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Clean Plates

Good food brings people together.
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