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10 Cool Ways to Try CBD

By Kat Odell
August 7, 2018

Whether you live in a state where purchasing cannabis for recreational purposes is legal (hello Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon and others) or not, no doubt you’ve been hearing about cannabidiol, or CBD. This non-high-producing component of cannabis is legal in all 50 states—and thanks to its reputed therapeutic benefits, such as fighting inflammation, relieving pain, and soothing anxiety, it’s showing up in all manner of wellness-promoting product lines, including food, beverages, and skincare. Here are 10 cool products to let you try out the trend for yourself.

Lord Jones

1. While Lord Jones is best known for its popular line of THC edibles, the hip Los Angeles-based brand has been selling CBD-infused gumdrops for the last two years. Gummies come nine to a box, contain 20 milligrams of CBD each, and leave out the bad stuff, like artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. $45 for 9


2. Southern California’s three-year-old Sprig produces sodas with 20 milligrams of CBD per can. The brand incorporates fruit extracts for flavor, along with fruit and vegetable juices for color. While Sprig’s original citrus flavor is sweetened with cane sugar, they also offers citrus, lemon tea and melon flavors sweetened with erythritol for a bubbly beverage that clocks in at just five calories. $16 for 4 12-ounce cans

Sacred Biology

3. Another Southern California brand, Sacred Biology, infuses CBD into a variety of skincare products, including lotions and balms. For a low-maintenance way to get your CBD on, try the deodorant, which sidesteps potentially harmful additives found in traditional products, like aluminum and parabens, as well as artificial dyes and fragrances. Instead, citrus oils, clay, and arrowroot powder keep you feeling fresh. $18 per stick

Aurora Elixirs

4. Think of Portland, Oregon’s two-month-old Aurora Elixirs as bottled cocktails minus the booze. Instead, these pretty CBD-fueled sparkling drinks offer 15 milligrams of CBD to help take the edge off. The drinks, which come in sophisticated flavors like Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary, skip the artificial ingredients and get a faint sweetness from cane sugar. $8 per 6.7-ounce bottle

Pot'd Huile

5. One of the most versatile ways to get your CBD: Pot d’Huile which infuses buttery, richly flavored California olive oil with CBD. There’s no cannabis taste, so you can use this oil, which offers 1 milligram CBD per milliliter of oil (1/5 of a teaspoon), in salad dressings, drizzle it on cooked vegetables or toss it into popcorn. $16 per 25 milliliter bottle, email for purchasing info

6. Last year, skincare line Herb Essentials debuted a slate of products infused with cannabis sativa seed (a.k.a. hemp) oil, which co-founder Ulrika Karlberg says can tame inflammation, alleviate dryness, and moisturize without clogging pores. Herb Essentials’ moisturizer also contains aloe and olive oil and is paraben-free. $60 for 2 ounces

CBD For Life

7. What began as homegrown remedy for chronic back pain is now CBD for Life, a skincare collection divided into two lines: One aimed at beauty, the other at pain management. In the pain-relief line, the CBD-infused roll-ons contain coconut and jojoba seed oil, along with lavender and lemon balm oil, for a skin-soothing product that also smells great. And its compact size makes it easy to stash in your purse for on-the-go relief. $30 per roll-on

Sow Eden

8. Sub-lingual tinctures offer one of the quickest routes for absorbing CBD. Enter SOW Eden Organics, a line of coconut oil-based CBD tinctures. One .5-ounce bottle contains 750 milligrams of CBD (which works out to about 20 35- to 40-milligram doses). The tinctures come in peppermint, unflavored, and cinnamon-turmeric varieties, the latter of which gets an additional anti-inflammatory boost from organic cinnamon bark and turmeric oil. $60 for .5 ounce

Sagely Naturals

9. Sagely Naturals’ headache-relieving roll-on is fortified with peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus oils, and cooling menthol, as well as CBD. The combination is meant to soothe pain, reduce inflammation, boost focus and improve circulation. $30 for 1 ounce

10. New-age pharmacy Mary’s Nutritionals line includes products with CBD. The top seller is a 2-inch square, easily removable adhesive patch that transdermally delivers 10 milligrams of CBD directly into the bloodstream. One patch lasts up to 12 hours and targets your whole body. $10 per patch

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