Hooray! 7 Low-Sugar Baked Goods to Try Right Now

Low-sugar baking
Photo Credit: Cookie + Kate

April 23, 2020

By Sheela Prakash

Doesn’t it seem like everyone you know is talking about baking right now? Even the people who hardly baked before. For reasons of comfort or joy or simply because we have the time right now, we all seem to be baking. The days of quarantine are long and tucking into the kitchen to bake cookies and muffins and cakes has been helping me get through them. The only thing is, though, I am going through a lot of sugar. If you’re conscious of keeping your sugar intake to a minimum, quarantine baking might be making it difficult to do so. Maybe you’ve been holding off from the quarantine baking to avoid the sugar even though everyone around you seems to be baking banana bread. Well, friends, here are 7 solutions: Easy recipes for baked goods that are naturally low in sugar yet just as sweet and comforting. So get the oven pre-heating and get baking.

Skinny Banana Bread from Your Cup of Cake

Since bananas are naturally sweet, you really don’t need to add as much sugar as you think to a loaf of banana bread to make it delicious. This recipe proves this point by only including just a few tablespoons of added sugar. That’s pretty substantial in comparison to the cup of sugar you need for other banana breads.

Pistachio crumble
Photo Credit: Well + Good

Summer Pistachio and Cardamom Crumble from Well + Good

This colorful, low-sugar crumble isn’t just for the summer months. It can be mixed and matched all year long depending on what fruit you have on hand. Try it with berries, chopped stone fruit, sliced apples, and even frozen fruit. Use what’s in your kitchen.

Healthy(ish) Pumpkin Bars from Our Salty Kitchen

Pumpkin puree is another ingredient with so much natural sweetness that it doesn’t need a whole lot more added to it. These whole wheat bars are moist, nutty, and lightly sweet. Feel free to skip the vanilla glaze on top to make them even more of a healthy choice.

Chocolate chip cookies
Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Reduced Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies from Better Homes & Gardens

These cookies contain 6 grams less sugar than the average chocolate chip cookie but you’ll hardly miss it. They’re still as chewy and chocolate-packed as any good version.

Healthy Lemon Bars from A Sweet Pea Chef

Honey helps balance the tartness of lemons in these bars while still keeping the naturally low in sugar. Feel free to try baking them with maple syrup instead, though — it would be equally as tasty.

Sugar-free turtle brownies
Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Refined-Sugar-Free Turtle Brownies from Minimalist Baker

These brownies are completely naturally sweetened, thanks to coconut sugar and maple syrup. They’re drizzled with homemade date caramel on top but if you’d rather not make it, you can swap in chopped dates instead.

Healthier Strawberry Shortcake from Cookie + Kate

This low-sugar twist on classic strawberry shortcake is no less of a treat. While the recipe calls for whipped cream made with coconut milk, you can swap in traditional whipped cream if you prefer.


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