How to cut mango

How to Cut Mango

By Isadora Baum / August 7, 2020 /

Ripe mango is one of the best tropical fruit picks you can enjoy in the summer. Mango flesh is tender and flavorful, and it tastes great in tacos, mango salsa, fruit salad, and more. Plus, it’s high in vitamin A and vitamin C, two nutrients that are great for boosting immunity and protecting skin and eye health.

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Avocado snacks

The Best Snacks Made with Avocado

By Isadora Baum / July 26, 2020 /

If you’re looking for snack ideas that offer heart-healthy fats and rich protein, you can’t go wrong with avocado. This green fruit is high in nutrition, and it’s even keto friendly, since it’s low in carbs on its own.

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fruit popsicles

5 Delicious Fruit Popsicles to Make Right Now

By Isadora Baum / July 16, 2020 /

One of life’s simplest treats has to be fruit popsicles. Is there anything better on a warm day? But many ready-made popsicles you’ll find in the freezer aisle are loaded with sugar. That’s why we recommend DIY-ing your own.

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Deviled eggs recipes

3 Mayo-Free Ways to Make Deviled Eggs

By Isadora Baum / July 12, 2020 /

Classic deviled eggs are delicious. But sometimes you want something a bit lighter than the richness of a mayo-based recipe. When you’re craving something lighter to bring to the BBQ, consider all the clever ways to reinvent deviled eggs with your health in mind.

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Grain bowls

Easy Grain Bowls for Weeknight Meals

By Isadora Baum / July 5, 2020 /

Grain bowls are the ultimate weekday meal, as they offer a great ratio of macronutrients, like complex carbs and fiber, protein, and fat, and you can meal prep on Sunday to have them ready and waiting for the week ahead.

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Beans avocado toast

A Healthier Take on Beans for Lunch

By Isadora Baum / June 28, 2020 /

Bean, with their high fiber content, plant protein, and convenience are always a great idea for lunch. And you don’t need to stay limited to just black beans.

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No-bake truffles

5 Easy, No-Bake Desserts for When You’re Lazy

By Isadora Baum / June 20, 2020 /

When you want something sweet, you might think of a chocolate chip cookie or brownie. But when it’s warm outside, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven and bake a dessert from scratch.

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Substitutes for tortillas and taco shells

Great Substitutes for Grain-Based Tortillas and Taco Shells

By Isadora Baum / June 10, 2020 /

There’s nothing like Taco Tuesday to help get the week started on a happy note. You can stuff tacos with your favorite protein-packed fillings, like chicken, beef or beans, and pile on the veggies, sauces, cheese, and other toppings to make each bite flavorful and satisfying.

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Kiwi recipes

5 Ways to Use Kiwi

By Isadora Baum / June 8, 2020 /

Don’t let kiwi’s rough, fuzzy exterior scare you—it happens to be one of the best sources of vitamin C and fiber you can find. And since it’s packed with vitamin C, it can keep the sniffles away and keep your immune system high, while adding delicious flavor and other nutrients too.

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Foods with vitamin C

10 Foods With More Vitamin C Than An Orange

By Isadora Baum / June 7, 2020 /

When it comes to getting enough vitamin C, the immunity-boosting vitamin that keeps you strong and well, you’re probably thinking that go-to source might be a glass of OJ or a fresh orange.

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5 Healthy Salad Dressings You Can Put on Anything

By Isadora Baum / May 19, 2020 /

The one thing you should always have in your fridge? Salad dressing. It can add wonderful flavor and texture to basically everything. Here are 5 healthy dressings you can put on anything.

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Pumpkin hummus

These Super-Creamy Dips Are Dairy-Free

By Isadora Baum / April 30, 2020 /

These creamy dips also happen to be dairy-free. Think zesty vegan queso, savory pumpkin hummus, and and a vibrant beet dip that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits.

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Instant Pot breakfast recipes

7 Healthy Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

By Isadora Baum / April 25, 2020 /

Waking up to whip up breakfast can be daunting , especially when you’re known to hit the snooze button a couple times before getting out of bed. If you’re someone that considers breakfast an important part of the day then you understand how a good dose of nutrients can power your brain and body to get you going.

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carrot recipes

7 Ways to Cook Carrots (That Don’t Involve Roasting)

By Isadora Baum / April 16, 2020 /

Yes, roasted carrots are amazing. But there are so many other ways to cook carrots that are just as delicious: Use them in soups or smoothies, bake them into cakes, bar or cookies, or spiralize them for a fresh take on salad. Here are 7 carrot recipes to get you started.

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Mushroom recipes

5 Hearty and Healthy Mushroom Recipes to Make for Dinner

By Isadora Baum / March 22, 2020 /

Mushrooms have a hearty, meaty texture, and that makes them perfect for creating a filling, wholesome meal at the end of the day that will keep hunger at bay throughout the night.

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Summer drinks

6 Ultra-Refreshing Drinks to Sip While We Still Have Summer

By Isadora Baum / August 1, 2019 /

No doubt you’re soaking up every last bit of sun, sand and outdoor fun that summer has to offer, especially now that it’s August. When you finally step back inside, mix up one of these super thirst-quenchers–they’ll cool you off and bring on that second wind, so you can shimmy into a sleeveless dress and head back out.

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fresh produce

A Guide to Storing Fresh Produce

By Isadora Baum / July 17, 2018 /

You go to the grocery store (or farmers market—bonus points), you load up on fresh seasonal vegetables. Maybe you even have a meal plan for what to do with everything. Then, a few days later, you go to grab something and it’s wilted/sprouting/rotten—or, just not the freshest. So aggravating (not to mention expensive). What went wrong?

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Toothbrush foods

No Toothbrush? Eat One of These Foods

By Isadora Baum / October 23, 2017 /

Let’s say you’re at the office or having drinks with friends, and you eat something garlicky or drink something mouth-staining (cough–red wine–cough cough), but you don’t have a toothbrush handy. No worries: Chew on one of these 6 items to freshen breath, whiten teeth, and get rid of plaque buildup and stains.

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Undereating carbohydrates

5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Carbs

By Isadora Baum / October 3, 2017 /

Eating “low carb” is having a big, giant moment. And though ditching white bread and pasta, cookies, doughnuts and other highly processed carbs is a good idea, saying “no” to all carbs can be a problem.

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spinach for liver health

5 Ways to Detox Your Liver (That Don’t Involve Not Drinking)

By Isadora Baum / October 2, 2017 /

Most of us don’t think about our liver much, except as a punchline after a night of too much wine. But detoxing is a hot topic, and the two go hand in hand.

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canned tuna fish

These 4 Healthy Foods Can Actually Be Harmful

By Isadora Baum / September 18, 2017 /

Turns out you really can get too much of a good thing. Usually we try to eat enough healthy foods–but with these 4, overdoing it can be harmful.

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Gorgeous hair and nails

What to Eat (and What to Avoid) for Healthy Hair and Nails

By Isadora Baum / September 12, 2017 /

Healthy hair and nails are definitely on our short list of #beautygoals, especially this time of year. And although using the quality beauty products is a super-important step, what you eat can be just as important. Here are 5 nutrients to put on your plate to make you even more beautiful.

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Hidden sources of caffeine

5 Hidden Sources of Caffeine

By Isadora Baum / August 28, 2017 /

You purposely grab that cuppa joe to get through the morning—but caffeine lurking in unexpected places can get you more than you bargained for. And if you have one of these sneakily caffeinated foods later in the day, it might seriously mess with your night’s rest.

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Cold brew popsicles

5 Ways to Enjoy Cold Brew All Day

By Isadora Baum / August 24, 2017 /

You don’t have to work hard to get us to sip a cold-brew coffee, especially on a hot day. And now that we know coffee can be good for you and there are more times of day that caffeine can be beneficial, we’re all about adding it to meals, snacks and treats all day long.

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