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6 Ultra-Refreshing Drinks to Sip While We Still Have Summer

August 1, 2019

No doubt you’re soaking up every last bit of sun, sand and outdoor fun that summer has to offer, especially now that it’s August. When you finally step back inside, mix up one of these super thirst-quenchers–they’ll cool you off and bring on that second wind, so you can shimmy into a sleeveless dress and head back out.


Key west cooler mocktail

Photo Credit: The Stay At Home Chef

If your day included a hot-weather workout, whip up food blogger The Stay At Home Chef‘s thirst-quenching juice. It’s especially great post-workout thanks to watermelon juice, which is hydrating (watermelon is 92% water) and helps replace electrolytes. This mocktail also includes passion fruit, cranberry and lime juices, so it’s a sweet-tart party in your mouth.


Peach wine slushies

Photo Credit: Just A Taste

No wonder frozen wine slushies are trending–wine blended with frozen fruit and sipped through a straw after a sweltering day? Yes, please. Food blogger Kelly Senyei of Just a Taste makes it super-simple by blending frozen peaches with white wine or rosé. She also recommends frozen strawberries blended with rosé, mango with sauvignon blanc, or raspberries with syrah.


Fruit-infused water

Photo Credit: Salt & Lavender

Treat yourself to a spa experience at home with fruit-infused water. We love the version on food blog Salt & Lavender (in part because she calls it “Rainbow-Infused Water”) because it incorporates lemon, orange, blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, and mint, so it’s a bit complex and ultra-refreshing.

Pro tip: Use a full lemon if you like your water on the tart side, but add it at the end. The rind can make the water slightly bitter if it sits for too long.


Mint iced coffee

Photo Credit: How Sweet It Is

We love coffee, and it turns out, coffee loves us back. Blogger and cookbook author Jessica Merchant of How Sweet It Is elevates ice coffee into a gourmet refresher by combining cold brew with milk of choice, a homemade simple syrup infused with fresh mint, and vanilla bean. Make some into coffee ice cubes (see recipe below) so this awesome treat doesn’t get diluted as you sip.


Grapefruit-mint-chia refresher

Photo Credit: How Sweet It Is

If you want some superfoods in your drink, Merchant combines grapefruit with chia seeds and a bit of sparkling water for a drink that’s both nutritious and fresh—perfect to cool down with on a hot, sticky day. This one takes a bit of advance prep to bloom the chia seeds, but it’s worth it. If you don’t love grapefruit, Merchant recommends trying it with strawberries or cherries.


Skinny margarita

Photo Credit: Lively Table

Sometimes you just need a margarita after a long day at the beach. This one, from dietician and blogger Kaleigh McMordie of Lively Table, has just the right balance of sweet and sour, thanks to a hefty squeeze of fresh lime juice, coarse sea salt, and 1 oz. of light agave nectar or simple syrup.


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