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5 Ways to Use Kiwi

June 8, 2020
Photo Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

Don’t let kiwi’s rough, fuzzy exterior scare you—it happens to be one of the best sources of vitamin C and fiber you can find. And since it’s packed with vitamin C, it can keep the sniffles away and keep your immune system high, while adding delicious flavor and other nutrients too. (Think: fiber in that fuzzy skin and other vitamins and minerals.)

And while you can pick one up and eat it like an apple (yes—eat it with the skin on to get that fiber content), there are several ways to enjoy kiwi in your favorite beverages, as well as snacks and meals. Whether you’re using it for flavor in a smoothie, as a salsa, or as a topper for cottage cheese or yogurt, here are five easy ways to incorporate kiwi into your diet.

Protein-Packed Rainbow Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls from Ambitious Kitchen

This protein-packed cottage cheese bowl has a burst of colorful antioxidants from the fruit, including the green, powerful machine, kiwi. What’s more, there are also chia seeds to provide a healthy dose of inflammation-fighting fats and fiber. Plus, it’s done in just five minutes total, making it a breeze in the morning.

Kiwi avocado chicken salad

Photo Credit: Cooks With Cocktails

Kiwi Avocado Chicken Salad from Cooks With Cocktails

This low-carb chicken salad is great for those loading up on more satiating protein and fat, as it ditches the bread and adds in extra greens with silky, filling avocado and vibrant kiwi for some natural sweetness. Plus, it’s super sophisticated looking, so it’s going to bring the wow factor at any outdoor BBQ you host this summer. It’s ready in an hour, and you can add garlic to the shredded chicken to give it a bit more flavor.

Detoxifying Super Green Smoothie from Cotter Crunch

Some smoothies can be high in sugar and carbs, but not a green smoothie, which is made with low-carb, less sweet fruits and veggies, including kiwi. It’s high in fiber, vitamin c, and folate, thanks to spinach, kiwi lemon, lime, and celery, and you can add in optional chia seeds for some texture and healthy fiber and fat. If you don’t like celery, use coconut water instead, which also offers electrolytes, so it’s great post-workout.

Fish taco lettuce wraps

Photo Credit: Heartbeet Kitchen

Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps with Mango Kiwi Salsa from Heartbeet Kitchen

These tacos swap out tortilla or taco shells for lettuce, so you can make it low-carb (great for keto and paleo dieters) and packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus, the fruity salsa, made with mango and kiwi, complements savory fish, providing a light and refreshing lettuce wrap that works well for lunch or dinner. The best part? It’s ready in only 15 minutes.

Paleo Upside Down Kiwi Cake from Paleo Hacks

Cake can be hard to make paleo, since you have to keep it low sugar and free of grains. Yet, this upside down kiwi cake is delicious and paleo approved, as it uses coconut flour, banana, coconut sugar, and cashew butter to give it that moist, soft texture. It’s also dairy and gluten free, and it takes under an hour to get on the table. Sweeten with honey, which is wholesome and natural.


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