Low-sugar yogurts

What to Eat When You Have an Upset Stomach

By Isadora Baum / August 21, 2017 /

If there’s one thing that can put an immediate halt on your busy life, it’s an upset stomach. And, since roughly 80% of your immune system is in your gut, stomach problems also can lead to fatigue, brain fog and more.

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breakfast ideas with veggies

Here’s What to Eat to Improve Your Memory

By Isadora Baum / August 1, 2017 /

We’ve all been there—forgetting keys, a deadline, a friend’s birthday. Even with all the calendar apps and other tools available, it’s hard to remember everything. Luckily, there are some foods that can boost your brain function and improve your memory, so you can feel more alert and on top of things.

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Protect your skin with these foods

Foods That Can Help Protect Your Skin

By Isadora Baum / July 24, 2017 /

Certain foods may help protect your skin against sun damage. Bonus: They’re all delicious, and some are hydrating as well—perfect for your summer table.

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Matcha cupcakes with Matcha latte

How To Get More Of The Green Stuff

By Isadora Baum / June 12, 2017 /

These creative and delicious ways will inspire you to incorporate more green tea and matcha—ten times more potent than green—into your yummy foods.

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