Beam us up

Beaming, the superfood cafe, is more than just smoothies and juice

A smoothie from Beaming
Beaming's smoothies are packed with exotic superfoods like maca, matcha, camu camu and lucuma.

July 4, 2017

Not to get all hippie-dippie, but do you ever feel like every electron in your body is vibrating on a positive frequency when you walk into a new restaurant? That’s how we felt at Beaming.

The “culinary superfood” café—which started in San Diego but recently arrived in Brentwood, Santa Monica and West Hollywood—offers juices, smoothies, grab-‘n’-go meals and naturally sweetened baked goods that are 100 percent organic, vegan and gluten- and GMO-free.

L.A. is littered with smoothie joints, so why does Beaming in particular make our cells do the happy dance? Founder Lisa Odenweller is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and uses the mantra “let food be thy medicine” to guide her ever-changing menu.

Beaming's interior
The menu choices have us…well…beaming.

Smoothies ($8 to $13) are packed with exotic superfoods like maca, matcha, camu camu and lucuma; they get an extra boost of nutrition from Beaming’s plant-based protein made from brown rice, yellow pea, chia and hemp proteins. The house-made sprouted almond milk serves as a delicious base for the smoothies, which you can have sweetened with yacon (instead of date or banana) if you want to keep things low-glycemic.

On the food tip, there are acai protein bowls ($11), Buddha bowls (soup of the day, such as carrot-ginger, poured over quinoa and lemon kale, $8) and a variety of salads and entrees ($7 to $12) from coconut “ceviche” to falafel wraps and pineapple gazpacho. And for dessert? Vegan ice cream sandwiches made with Millie’s agave-sweetened gelato ($7).

We’re beaming, of course.

Santa Monica, Brentwood and West Hollywood