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This Caribbean Chickpea Curry Is Ready in 60 Seconds

Ashia Aubourg
July 14, 2021
Design by Zoe Burnett

I always side-eye “Caribbean-inspired” ready-to-eat products in the grocery store. For many reasons, but mostly because it’s so difficult to find products with the correct flavors. Cooking food from the Caribbean diaspora often requires meticulous attention to the small details. It especially requires getting the spices right. So when I saw A Dozen Cousins Trini Chickpea Curry in the canned foods aisle at Whole Foods, I didn’t have high expectations.

Still, the brilliantly-designed packaging and the ridiculously adorable and inspiring story — the founder, who grew up in a kitchen that melded Creole, Caribbean, and Latin Flavors, named the brand after his daughter and her 11 cousins — convinced me enough to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did: A Dozen Cousins provides an accessible, budget-friendly, and great-tasting way to experience the phenomenal dishes across the Caribbean and overall Black diaspora.

These Chickpea Curry Packs Deliver *Big* On Caribbean Flavors

Finally, a brand that accurately captures the essence and true beauty of Caribbean flavors! Each (thankfully MSG-free) pack provides two delicious servings of intentionally and accurately-spiced Channa, or chickpea curry.

The main ingredient that brings Channa to life is Trini curry powder. The unique flavor combination of sweet, spicy, earthy, and pleasantly bitter (because of the fenugreek seeds typically found in this type of curry) makes this one of my favorite types of curry spice. All of these flavors charmingly appear in A Dozen Cousins Trini Channa. Even better? It’s ready to eat in 60 seconds.  

I recommend serving these tasty chickpeas on top of rice or with a side of callaloo greens. Or, make Trini doubles, which are snack-size chickpea sandwiches on delicious pillowy flatbread. (Pro tip: the bread is also great for scooping up all of that yummy curry sauce). 

Buy It: A Dozen Cousins Trini Chickpea Curry, $3 at Thrive Market


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