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The Very Best Organization Tools You Can Buy on Amazon

By Corinne Morahan
April 29, 2022
Image credit: Corinne Morahan

If spring cleaning has been on your mind, you’re not alone — this is such a great time to open up your windows, air out your space, and give your home a refresh. As a professional organizer, I have a few key pillars to keep in mind so you can get it done effectively and efficiently.

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First, purge! If you don’t go through your belongings beforehand and get rid of what you don’t use, need, and want… you’re just organizing clutter. Go through your belongings in each space prior to organizing, and be ruthless, sorting the unnecessary items into “donate” and “toss” piles. Once you have a good sense of what you want to keep, take the time to organize it all. Categorize and create a system that will allow you to optimize the space. 

Fortunately, Amazon has some of the best organizing tools out there to help your new organization systems stick. These products will help speed up the organizing process and ensure that the spaces look good, function smoothly, and stay that way for the long haul.

Each space you tackle will present its own set of challenges and opportunities, so I’ve broken down the best products to use in some of the most popular spaces to organize. A word of advice: make sure you measure before you buy anything! The last thing you want is for your new organizing supplies to become just more clutter.


The garage is one of the most popular areas to refresh in the spring. If your family likes to play sports or spend time doing outdoor activities, this storage system will be a game changer. It takes up relatively little space and because it uses vertical storage, it can keep a lot contained on a small footprint. 

Up next, this wall-mounted organizer will totally up your lawn and gardening game. There is nothing worse than an unwieldy pile of rakes and shovels that fill every corner of your garage. It’s unsightly and nearly impossible to navigate. This wall organizer is inexpensive, and will give you so much space back.

Mudroom/entryway closet

The entryway or mudroom is another important area to clean and organize for spring. This area is overused and can get out of hand daily. First, swap out any cold-weather gear for warmer-weather coats and shoes. Pro tip: if you are really committed to keeping this space neat, consider only keeping two pairs of shoes per person in this space. The rest can go in everyone’s bedroom closet. Imagine walking into your house and not stumbling over a pile of shoes! And for the shoes that remain, a sturdy shoe rack like this one will keep them all contained.

Main closet

Spring is the perfect time to go through our clothes and not only get rid of what we don’t love or wear, but swap them out for our warmer-weather attire. My two must-haves to keep your closet organized are slim-line hangers and spring-loaded boot shapers. You will be amazed by how much space you will save by using slim-line hangers. They are sturdy, durable and give your closet a streamlined look. The spring-loaded boot shapers may seem like an extravagance, but they aren’t. Not only will they help keep your boots in great shape, but also by standing them up rather than having the flop over, they’ll take up much less space on your floor.


Speaking of clothes, if you have a dresser, drawer dividers will change your life. They allow you to create sections in your drawers so you know exactly where to look for every type of item. If you file-fold your clothes, which I highly recommend, and separate each clothing type by category, you’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to find your clothes every morning. 

A big component to staying organized is how the space looks and feels. If your space is beautifully organized with dependable products, you’ll love how it looks and will want to maintain your hard work in the long term. Using organization tools like the ones shared here is a great way to start fresh this spring. And think of it this way — you now have an excuse to shop that will actually aid you in your organization journey instead of simply adding to the chaos.

Corinne Morahan is the founder of the G+G Membership and the CEO of Grid + Glam, an organizing and media company designed to give busy women back their beautiful spaces and the breathing room they deserve. You can find more organizing tips on her website, GridandGlam, and her Instagram.

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