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The Secret Ingredient in These Wholesome Snack Crackers

By Pam Krauss
August 3, 2021
Design by Zoe Burnett

Oats are having a major moment, storming the plant-based dairy aisles and making forays into the yogurt and frozen dessert space. The snacking potential of oats, however, has largely gone unexploited beyond granola and bars. Airlyis out to conquer that as-yet uncharted territory with a quartet of oat-based snack crackers, and the results are winning.

True to their name, these dainty, figure eight-shaped Oat Cloudsare super-light; they’re clearly meant to be popped by the handful rather than arranged on a cheese plate. And with four flavors – cheese, chocolate, sea salt and salted caramel – there is a variety to please every palate.

I tried all four flavors and found each one of them quite tasty.

airly snack crackers

Photo Credit: Airly™ Foods

These Wholesome Snack Crackers Taste Just Like Kettle Corn

Of the savory varieties, the plain sea salt would work best with dips. I could also see crushing these onto a casserole topping or breading mixture. The cheddar clouds had a flavor that was definitely cheesy, but not overly buttery or salty. They would be very much at home in a lunch box or on an after-school snack plate.

On the sweeter side of things, the chocolate crackers reminded me of the thin chocolate wafers I used to make icebox cakes as a kid: deeply cocoa-flavored, crisp, and not too sweet. In fact, I might try using them that way, maybe layered with some flavored whipped cream and fresh fruit.

My hands-down favorite, though, was the salted caramel, with a buttery, burnt-sugar flavor that tasted just like kettle corn (without the trip to the midway). And with just four grams of added sugar for a big handful, it’s an indulgence I didn’t feel guilty about.

The secret sauce in all of these crackers, though, is oats. Not only is it a healthful choice, but an environmental one as well. Cultivating oats takes less of a toll on the planet than raising wheat (although these crackers do contain some wheat, so they are not gluten-free). Even better, Airly’s™ oats are grown on zero C02-emission farms.

The company also invests in carbon credits and is committed to finding the lowest impact options for sourcing, packaging, and shipping their product. The result? Each box of snack crackers represents 18-21 grams of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

Buy It: Airly™ Oat Clouds™, $15 for 3 boxes

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