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We Found the Perfect Healthy Party Cake (You’re Welcome)

By Samantha Schwab
June 3, 2021
Photo Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

If you think the words ‘healthy’ and ‘celebration’ shouldn’t exist in the same sentence, we get it. Life is about balance and that includes the occasional #treatyoself moment, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, or just because you made it through the week. But this party cake recipe from Ambitious Kitchen delivers the best of both worlds.

It’s perfectly moist and decadent and it has sprinkles, which make everyone happy. Yet its ingredient list is 100% feel-good. (You can even find better-for-you sprinkles.) Honestly, it will make all your party cake dreams come true. 

Why This Healthy Cake Is the Ultimate Party Cake

This healthy cake by Ambitious Kitchen is *almost* as good as the OG funfetti cake. Here’s why we’re crazy about this recipe:

1. It’s super-versatile.

This recipe is a great base for almost any flavor combo. Add cut up strawberries to each layer to make a “strawberries and cream” cake or throw in some poppy seeds and lemon zest for a “lemon poppy” cake! Feeling something a little more sophisticated than funfetti? You can easily omit the sprinkles. 

2. It’s gluten- and grain-free.

This cake is not just gluten-free, it’s also grain free. If you’ve had gluten-free baked goods before, then you know just how difficult it can be to achieve the right texture. Gluten-free tends to be crumbly, but the mix of almond flour and coconut flour strikes the perfect balance and crumb.

3. It uses healthier sugars and fats.

When’s the last time you had a cake without any cane sugar or butter? We’re happy to report that this indulgent treat requires neither. It uses tahini and vegan butter as its fat and maple syrup as its sweetener. And, while the recipe calls for powdered sugar for the icing, you can actually make a healthier, homemade sub: Just add coconut sugar to a high speed blender to make a lower GI powdered sugar. 

4. It’s insanely easy.

Baking a cake sometimes feels like a project, but this recipe is easy breezy. There are only 13 ingredients, all of which are pantry staples in our households. All in all, the cake came together in about 15 minutes of prep, which is pretty impressive if you ask us!

5. You won’t get a sugar high — or low.

Because this birthday cake is made with better-for-you ingredients, you don’t have to worry about the inevitable brain fog you get after a traditional slice of cake. In general, whole ingredients tend to have more fiber, making them lower on the Glycemic Index. Swapping out refined all-purpose flour for coconut and almond flour helps balance the cake out, too. Plus, the almonds add protein to help keep you fuller longer!

Get the recipe: Healthy Birthday Cake from Ambitious Kitchen

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