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These High-Protein Soups Will Give You Lasting Energy

By Aly Walansky
November 29, 2021
Image credit: Simply So Healthy

While soups are often a healthful choice and perfect for winter weather, a lot of them aren’t as protein-packed as they could be — and we typically eat them with carbs like toast or crackers, not exactly helping the lack of protein content. But protein is important for rebuilding our muscles and giving us lasting energy throughout the day, and it also helps us feel fuller for longer. 

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This winter, swap out some of your standard soups for those that pack more of a protein punch. These a few of our favorite high-protein soups that deserve a place at the table this season.

1. Plant-Based Pea Soup

Plant-Based Pea Soup

Image credit: From My Bowl

This vegan pea soup makes use of the naturally creamy texture of peas, which are one of the best sources of plant-based protein, as well as coconut milk, which doubles the creaminess while adding healthy fats. This healthy pea soup is exceptionally simple to make, and it tastes truly divine. 

2. Cioppino


Image credit: The Forked Spoon

If you love seafood, you’ll love cioppino, an Italian seafood soup that packs tons of protein in every serving. Cioppino is a stew that’s loaded with fresh seafood like shrimp, clams, mussels, white fish, and crab legs, all simmered in a rich broth made from tomatoes, white wine, and fish stock. Pair with a crisp green salad for a fresh and satisfying date night meal that is sure to satisfy.

3. Low-Carb Beef Bourguignon

Low-Carb Beef Bourguignon Stew

Image credit: Simply So Healthy

The name sounds like a lot, but really, beef bourguignon is just an extremely fancy-sounding beef stew. This dish is traditionally served with mashed potatoes, but for a low-carb option, you can serve with seasoned, riced cauliflower — or, it goes beautifully with simple green beans sautéed with slivered garlic in olive oil. 

4. Chicken Fajita Soup

Chicken Fajita Soup

Image credit: Comfortable Food

We love a classic Tex Mex fajita soup, but most recipes aren’t that healthy. This fajita soup, however, takes the flavors you’re used to and lightens them up a bit. Protein-packed chicken and fresh vegetables are paired with salsa, peppers, and lots of spice. Swap sour cream for Greek yogurt, and change out those fried tortilla strips for a make-your-own variant by crisping corn tortillas in the air-fryer, oil free — or replace entirely with crunchy pepitas.

5. Ethiopian-Inspired Red Lentil Soup

Ethiopian-Inspired Red Lentil Soup

Image credit: Spice Cravings

Lentils are an amazing source of protein, and this plant-based recipe takes this delicious, inexpensive staple and adds tons of spice for a resulting soup that is thick, hearty, and rich. Even better: it’s ready in just 30 minutes. This Instant Pot-friendly dish is delightful paired with some whole grain pita, and would be great with a side of wilted spinach for even more protein. (Fun fact: spinach is the highest-protein leafy green.) 

6. Healthy Buckwheat Soup

Healthy Buckwheat Soup

Image credit: Momsdish

A simple take on a Slavic classic, this healthy buckwheat soup utilizes an under-appreciated protein source: buckwheat. Buckwheat doesn’t get a ton of love, but has even more protein than quinoa and has a well-balanced amino acid profile. It’s also delicious and keeps you full for hours, making it a total winner. This would be great served alongside a simple side salad with a bright, lemony vinaigrette.

7. Instant Pot Chicken Bone Broth with Lemongrass and Chili

Instant Pot Chicken Bone Broth With Lemongrass and Chili

Image credit: Braised & Deglazed

We love our Instant Pots for giving us incredibly flavorful soups and broths in no time at all, and for a bone broth, it’s especially magical. This Chicken Bone Broth is both gluten-free and dairy-free. It’s also flavored with lemongrass and chili, giving it a much deeper, richer flavor than the usual bone broth you’re accustomed to. Use it a base for a chicken and wild rice soup, or drink this healthful broth all on its own.

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