27 Expert Tips for 1-Minute Self-Care

Expert tips for self-care

January 14, 2021

By Caitlin Brody

Self-care. We all know how important it is, and yet so often it falls to the end of the to-do list (or falls off altogether) because who has that kind of time? But taking care of yourself is key not only to feeling better, but also performing at your best at everything you do. So we tapped 27 wellness pros who run fitness empires and skin-care companies, helm their own healthy restaurants, compete in the Olympics and more—and have private lives—and asked them for the lightning-fast self-care rituals they squeeze in, no matter what life throws at them. The tips they shared are so practical, real and doable, you’ll be able to incorporate your favorites into your busiest days. Click on each photo to get each woman’s tip, then go to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tell us what you think and share your own self-care secrets.