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New York Mouth: Artisanal Local Food, Delivered

April 16, 2012
New York Mouth helps customers discover the best and most interesting indie products from the tri-state area. (Photo by: New York Mouth)

With the recent onslaught of gastronomes crafting artisanal products across the Empire State, New Yorkers can find just about anything from chocolate and honey to chutneys, cheese and (of course) pickled everything—especially within the tri-state area. Yet our grocery stores overflow with products from the other side of the country, if not the world. Enter New York Mouth, here to fill cupboards with homegrown goods.

The site allows shoppers to mix and match products, choose themed totes like the More the Berrier Taster (shown above), Beet Me Taster, and Blue Hill Taster (the only source of Blue Hill’s honey, jams and pickles unless you visit them), and has a V.I.P. Concierge shop.

Craig Kanarick, co-founder of Razorfish, was inspired to start Mouth Foods after a visit to a small Brooklyn food purveyor that sells local products alongside their own. “Their website was merely a map and hours of operation,” recalled Kanarick. “I realized there was an opportunity. That is our mission—to help indie food makers thrive.”

Though New York Mouth delivers nationwide and may soon source nationally, they’re fired up about sourcing from local tri-state food makers. “By carrying local products we keep our environmental footprint at a minimum,” Kanarick notes. “We think there is a particular sensibility to the foods being made in and around New York, just like there is a New York vibe to music, movies, fashion and other things.”

Kanarick’s favorite product maker of the moment? “There is so much going on in Brooklyn right now in terms of food, it seems like we discover a new product every day. Some of the more exciting and lesser known ones include Cacao Prieto, a chocolate wizard in Red Hook; Black and Blanco, makers of sandcastle cookies; and Spicy ‘n Sweet, who make incredible tomato sauces.”

And the most esoteric? “The wackiest product I am excited about is the Ostrich Jerky from Roaming Acres in New Jersey that we just added this week,” says Kanarick. “Of course, next week there will be something else.”

Image courtesy of New York Mouth.

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