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Make it Pop

June 26, 2014
Summer is here—it's popsicle season!

We wish we had come up with the genius idea of freezing green juice on a stick.

Since we didn’t: Sophie Milrom of Innocent Ice Pops, we salute you.

Innocent Ice Pops was born from a serious case of the study munchies. “I was preparing for the bar exam and found myself searching for the perfect snack to eat while I studied,” Milrom says. (This crafty 26-year-old entrepreneur is a lawyer, too). At the grocery store, fresh juices proved to be too costly and every package of icy confections Milrom picked up was loaded with sugar. And so brilliance was born.

Innocent Ice Pops (we paid $5.99 for a box of 3 at Garden of Eden) are available in four flavors that will be familiar to anyone who has ever buzzed by a juice bar: There’s Green Juice (kale, banana, pineapple), Sweet Beets (carrot, beet, apple), Kale Daddy (kale, spinach, apple, pineapple, lemon, ginger, cayenne) and TropiCarrot (pineapple, mango, carrot).

Innocent’s long list of nutritional adjectives includes: sugar free, fat free, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, no artificial sweeteners and no added coloring.

With ginger and cayenne featured in a loud and proud way, we’ll be reaching for the kicky Kale Daddy on the most sweltering of days. Sweet Beets is our pick for when we want to quash a sugar craving.

And with impeccable timing—in anticipation of summer’s lethal mixture of sticky subway rides and blistering pavement—Innocent Ice Pops are now available all over Manhattan.

That is, if you can beat us to the freezer case.

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