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Coco loco

April 14, 2015
Coconut, one of the first foods of humankind, is amazing, pure and versatile in all of its forms.

You might love coconut, but George Metrik is obsessed with it, so much so that he launched Coconut Organics, a business based in Asheville, NC, that is 100 percent coconut-focused.

“Starting Coconut Organics was a combination of personal passion for a healthy lifestyle, being a foodie, and also realizing that somehow as humans we got lost along the way a bit,” he says. “Coconut was one of the first foods of humankind, yet over the past 40 to 60 years, we completely forgot how amazing, pure and versatile the coconut is in all of its forms.”

All that coconut lovin’ has led to products that touch on coconut’s various nutritional superpowers like hydration, minerals, electrolytes, good fat, probiotics and soluble fiber. Coconut Organics’ lineup includes raw coconut chips spiked with Tahitian vanilla or raw organic cacao, as well as what Metriks has dubbed “coconut bacon.”

Made from an all-organic blend of toasted coconut chips, coconut oil, coconut sugar, Celtic sea salt, spices and mesquite, coconut bacon has a smoky, savory and slightly sweet kick along with plenty of saturated fats to keep you satiated. Try topping hard-boiled eggs with a couple of flakes, send a flurry over a bowl of salad or just eat them straight from the bag.

At this year’s Natural Products Expo West (the Super Bowl of good food), Coconut Organics introduced eight new products, including infused raw coconut oils, low- glycemic coconut nectar sweetener and an ultra-safe coconut-derived soap, which are all headed for national and online distribution in the next two weeks.

If this is coconut craziness, we’ll take it.

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