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6 Moovelous Non-Dairy Milks

August 3, 2016
Vegan? Lactose-intolerant? Trying to reduce dairy in your diet? Try our 6 picks for non-dairy milks.

We’re all for organic, grass-fed, hormone-free milk, if it works for your body. But did you know that at least 60% of adults worldwide are lactose intolerant? If you have adult acne, chronic bellyaches or bloating, you might want to try swapping cow’s milk for non-dairy. That said, many non-dairy milks contain heavy sweeteners and artificial flavorings. While homemade is still the best (no additives at all!), sometimes, you want a quick option. We’ve pinpointed six of the best unsweetened, non-dairy milks out there:

Almond milk

365 Organic Unsweetened Almond milk

This product is free of carrageenan, a seaweed-sourced thickener that some studies have linked with stomach malignancies and inflammation. (More on that here.) And for the soy-sensitive, it uses sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin.

Hemp milk

Unsweetened Original Living Harvest Tempt Hempmilk

Hemp can’t get you high, but it’s high in Omega-3s, non-GMO and grown without pesticides; no wonder it’s rapidly gaining popularity. The downside is that all the brands we’ve found contain carrageenan, so enjoy in moderation.

Rice milk

Kirkland Organic Rice Milk

If you have a Costco membership, you’re in luck: This organic, unsweetened brand is carrageenan-free, unlike most rice milks. No Costco membership? You can buy Kirkland Organic Ricemilk on Amazon.

 Soy milk

Westsoy Organic Unsweetened Plain Soymilk

The only ingredients in this simple drink are organic, non-GMO soybeans and water. While some choose to avoid soy, citing its potential to disrupt female hormones, new studies suggest small amounts could help prevent certain cancers. Read more here.

Coconut milk

So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Almost all the widely-available, unsweetened coconut milk brands contain carrageenan. This one contains organic coconuts, and So Delicious is working on reformulating the product without carrageenan. Alternative choice: Native Forest Unsweetened Organic, which is carrageenan-free, but comes in a can.

Oat milk

Pacific Organic Oat Original Non-Dairy Beverage

It’s unsweetened, carrageenan-free, and non-GMO, plus it’s high in fiber. Who knew you could improve on oatmeal?

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