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Nut Milk That’s Not Milk

March 31, 2016
We went nuts for NotMilk's premium nut milks and treats.

Have you seen the ingredients label on a bottle of store-bought almond or other nut milk lately?

With thickeners like carrageenan, locust bean gum and sunflower lecithin, dubious “natural” flavors and plenty of cane sugar, these alternative milks seem to be more additives and preservatives than they are nuts. Eeek!

Sisters Carolyn and Susan Flood had the same horrified reaction to the nut milks on the market when they both started struggling with lactose intolerance. So they decided to go DIY in a big way, making their own special blend of nut milk and then cofounding a company—NotMilk—to distribute it.

The difference in this nut milk is in the freshness and the blend of nuts—a mix of almonds, walnuts, macadamias and cashews. With no refined sugars, additives or thickeners, these milks have a flavor and mouth-feel that’s totally different than anything that comes from a carton.

Bottles of vanilla bean and honey lavender NotMilk just call out to be added to chia seed pudding and smoothies. Our office went wild for the creamy chocolate milk blend with chia seeds, while the coffee flavor is your morning cup of joe’s dream come true. Susan reports that baristas especially love their lightly sweet original blend because it froths up and behaves like 2% cow’s milk and doesn’t burn as easily as commercial versions.

Custom nut, seed and grain blends are also available by special request if you are feeling like you need an extra percentage of macadamia nuts (or the milk of just one nut) in your life this week. All of the blends ($8 to $10 for 16 oz.) can be found at stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including Integral Yoga Natural Foods and Ground Support Cafe. Or for a true modern day milkman experience, you can sign up for a subscription and get their glass bottles delivered straight to your front door.

We especially love how the sisters constructed their business model to deal with the waste (lots and lots of leftover nut pulp) inherent in making nut milk: They turn the nut pulp into gluten-free vegan baked goods like chocolate glazed donuts and snickerdoodles (also available on their site and at Riverdel and Haymaker’s Corner Store) that are so moist and tasty, you’d never know they were created from leftovers.

Simple genius.


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