Kick the Can—Upgrade Your Soup

Kettle & Fire butternut squash soup

May 9, 2018

Stash the can opener and back away from the MSG-laced soups of the past.

Kettle & Fire is giving ready-to-eat soup a major upgrade, taking their carefully made, slow-simmered chicken bone broth, using it as a base for nutrient-packed butternut squash and tomato soups, and packing it all into recyclable, sustainable packaging that allows it to keep on the shelf for up to 2 years.

So you get crazy-nutritious soup, full of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals but free of dairy, soy, gluten and GMOs. Plus, unlike old-fashioned canned varieties, Kettle & Fire soups are loaded with flavor and so satisfying. Sip it on the go to get in your daily vegetables, take a break from smoothies and drink it post-workout for a protein boost, use it as a base for recipes—and it’s kid friendly, too.

Right now, Kettle & Fire is offering a special deal: Clean Plates readers get 25% off plus free shipping. Don’t wait—this awesome deal ends soon, so order yours today.