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Gazpacho To Go

May 19, 2016
We're crazy for Tío Gazpacho's fresh bottled cold soups.

“Great ingredients! And simplicity.” Those are the secrets to great gazpacho, says Austin Allan, whose company, Tío Gazpacho, makes smooth, zingy bottled gazpachos that are knocking our socks off.

While it’s true that good gazpacho can be easy to make if you have the best raw ingredients, what’s impressive about Tío Gazpacho is that those fresh flavors make it through bottling. “We don’t heat pasteurize our products, as doing so would essentially cook the gazpacho, and cooked gazpacho is an oxymoron,” explains Allan, who fell in love with the chilled raw tomato soup during a four-year stint living in Spain. Instead being treated with heat or preservatives, Tío Gazpachos are pressure pasteurized, a process that leaves the bright flavors of the vegetables and fruits intact.

Gazpacho Clasico

Tío’s Gazpacho Clasico flavor.

Tío Gazpacho comes in four varieties: our favorite, Gazpacho Clásico (a traditional blend of tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, red onion, olive oil and sherry vinegar); Gazpacho de Sol (a sweet but not cloying mixture that includes yellow tomatoes, carrot juice and yellow pepper); Gazpacho Verde (a zesty blend with avocado, kale, spinach and jalapeno) and the new Gazpacho Rosado (a sweet-spicy watermelon-based blend). The gazpachos ($8 to $9 per bottle) are available at a growing list of stores in New York (including Whole Foods, Garden of Eden and Fairway) and online from FreshDirect.

Not just tasty, these gazpachos are also incredibly good for you: They’re packed with nutrients from organic produce and the good fat from olive oil and avocados makes them satisfying, despite the fact that they contain only 100 to 150 calories per serving. Try them whenever you’d have a sweet juice or smoothie for all the benefits minus the sugar surge.

Tío Gazpacho

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