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5 New Healthy Products We Love: Volume 4

July 28, 2016
Non-GMO garbanzo beans make these brownies rich and decadent.

By Stephanie Schoenster

This week we are all about unusual flavor and ingredient combinations. Who knew pizza and almonds were the ultimate snack partners? Here are this week’s favorite healthy new products:


Organic Living Superfoods Raw Organic Pizza Almonds

Here’s a test: Get these almonds, close your eyes and open your mouth. How is it that these almonds taste exactly like pizza? Our minds were blown away after trying these addictive almonds. Not only are they absolutely addictive, they are vegan and get their cheesy taste from a natural blend of raw, organic pizza spices. So next time, skip the late night take-out and go for this better option. Almonds are filled with healthy fats and dietary fiber that can curb your appetite while helping maintain your waistline, not expand it. Just try not to eat the whole bag in one sitting. (Available at stores nationwide or online $30 for a 1 lb. bag.)

Photo courtesy of


Pure Genius Brownies

Brownies baked with beans has been a trend for the past few years. However, the texture and taste could never have fooled any brownie lover. But Pure Genius has mastered the art of baking decadent bean brownies. All of their brownies and blondies have a moist, dense, and chewy texture without a beany taste. How did they achieve this? Each brownie is made with non-GMO garbanzo beans and pronounceable, all-natural ingredients. Now you can indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt afterwards. Each brownie is less than 200 calories and has about 4 grams of protein and fiber. They are also free of nuts or soy so they are great for kids to take to school. (Available at Whole Foods in NY, NJ, and CT or online for $15 for a sampler pack of four.)

Pure Genius Deep Chocolate Brownie Stack


GimMe Organic Seaweed Chips

Introduce your tastebuds to a new level of savory with these seaweed chips flavored with umami, a taste similar to monosodium glutamate found in Asian cuisine. GimMe has achieved umami perfection without MSG using a superfood blend of organic seaweed, organic lentils and millet. Our favorite flavor is the Teryaki that tasted almost like sushi, but with more nutrition. Seaweed is naturally rich in  vitamins A, B, and B-12, as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and iodine. It’s also a great source of protein for people who do not eat animal products. Try GimMe chips next time you have seriously savory cravings instead of reaching for a bag of Lay’s. GimMe also makes delicious seaweed sheets for a lighter snack on-the-go. (Available at stores nationwide or online $5 for a 4 oz. bag.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.30.56 PM


Square Organics Protein Bars

When founder Sarah Gordon removed inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, soy, and processed sugars from her diet, she no longer had to take medication for her asthma. But she still wanted to eat treats and thus, Square Bars were born. We love these super addictive vegan protein bars that also happen to be gluten-free, soy free, and non-GMO. Each bar is made from organic coconut nectar (the same GI index as an apple) and has around 12 to 13 grams of complete plant protein.  The best news? Square Organics donates a portion of their sales to Not For Sale, a San Francisco non-profit organization that fights against human trafficking. So ditch the Milky Way or Snickers, and pick up a Square Bar instead. (Available at stores nationwide or online $30 for 12.)

Photo: @sixvegansisters on Instagram

Photo: @sixvegansisters on Instagram


Salba Chia

You’ve probably seen black chia seeds everywhere but what about white chia seeds? Salba Chia creates white chia seeds that can be sprinkled over any dish to make it more beautiful and add a nutritional boost. Not only is Salba Chia pretty, it’s also  packed with more Omega-3s and protein than regular chia seeds while still being non-GMO. If you don’t like the texture of chia seeds in your food, Salba Chia also makes a ground chia seed product that can be easily incorporated into almost any dish. (Available at online $16 for 12.7 oz. bag, whole and $12 for a 6.4 oz. bag, ground.)



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