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The Keto Bread I Eat All the Time (Even Though I’m Not on the Keto Diet)

Geraldine Campbell
April 30, 2021
Photo Credit: Uprising Food

I grew up in a carb-filled house. My family loves potatoes, pasta, pizza, and pancakes. And they also love other carby foods that don’t start with a “p,” notably bread.

White bread and brown bread, fluffy rolls and crusty baguettes — we ate them all, and we ate bread at almost every meal. For breakfast, my mom would slather slices of pumpernickel or dark rye with good butter and jam. For lunch, she made daily trips to the bakery for Swiss rolls, layered with slices of ham or cheese or liverwurst depending on the child, and packed in pairs of two for school lunches. And for dinner, there was almost always some sort of bread, for eating plain or for mopping up leftovers. Or sometimes, bread was dinner — a German tradition known as Abendbrot or “evening bread.”

All of this is a very long prelude to say: I do not follow a ketogenic diet. And while I certainly eat fewer carbs than I did as a child, it’s probably not accurate to call my diet low-carb. But I do love bread. And I am recently obsessed with keto bread — in particular, Uprising Food Keto Bread.

keto bread

Design by Zoe Burnett

Uprising Keto Bread Reminds Me of My Childhood

Uprising’s keto bread is firm and flavorful and so reminiscent of the hearty slices I grew up with. Unlike the black bread of my childhood, however, Uprising is grain- and gluten-free. It also has 5 grams of protein, a whopping 9 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of net carbs — in case you’re counting.

The bread comes in a compact cube; in fact, it’s so compact you might wonder where the rest of it is. But you really don’t need or want a big, thick slice of this bold and nutty bread. You’ll slice the bread yourself — one cube yields 8 nutrition-packed slices — and Uprising recommends doing so immediately, then wrapping and freezing the slices you’re not eating straight away.

My favorite way to eat it is as an open-faced sandwich with liverwurst and pickles (You’re either with me, or you’re not.) But it’s also great with butter and jam or cream cheese and smoked salmon, and my coworker tells me it makes an excellent grilled cheese.

Buy It: Uprising Keto Cubes, $72 for 6 “keto kubes”

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